Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm still around!

Well, surprise, surprise!  The relationship was very short lived.  Can't even call it a relationship, really.  I really liked him a lot, but I was too pushy about it and I scared him away.  He gave me other reasons, but I think he really only made it up to break it off.  Oh well, nothing new.  One of these days, I'll learn! 
I'm still working the same, miserable job!  I have an application in at Metaldyne in Bluffton, IN.  Two of my sisters work there.  My sister, Linda, said they are always hiring. She told me that they actually encourage family members to work together!  I really hope I get on there.  I'm about to the point that I want to walk out where I currently work!
Still taking pictures!  Something would be seriously wrong if I weren't.
Okay, I know this was short, but just wanted to let ya all know I'm still around!  The thing with John actually ended shortly after I posted about it!  But, as they say, life goes on!
Take care and have a great week!
Love Ya

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Trip To Tennessee

I met somebody online, through the Muncie Newspaper at the beginning of February.  He found me on there, invited me as a friend, so I accepted.  Didn't really think anything about it at that time.  He e-mailed me and gave me his phone #, so I called him that night.  We ended up talking for 5 hours that night, and at least 2 hours every day since.  On February 12, I rented a car and drove down to Tennessee to meet him.  I am so glad I did.  We really got along great.  I only stayed til Sunday morning, because of the weather. 
 He took me all around Franklin, where he lives.  Of course, I had my camera ready at all times!  I did take a lot pictures than this, just a lot of them didn't turn out very well, cause I was in such a hurry, I didn't have my camera set right!  I'm such a goober!   lol

Carnton Plantation

 Then, we drove in to Nashville.  I'm glad he was driving, cause I hate big cities!  It was really pretty cool down there.  Next time I go, we'll spend more time downtown.  I just wasn't up for dealing with crowds.


Ernest Tubb Record Shop

Ryman Auditorium, original home of the Grand Ole Opry

This is a pedestrian bridge that goes from downtown Nashville, over to the Tennessee Titans football stadium.

Then, the trip home.  :(

This last picture was taken about 10 minutes south of Bowling Green, KY, off I-65.  I was driving about 70-75 MPH when I shot this!  6 hours there, 6 hours back, and only one and a half tanks of gas for the entire trip!  I rented a brand new Chrysler Sebring and what a great ride!  I didn't want to turn it back in!  lol 
Well, I don't know when I'll get around to posting again.  Haven't posted in 4 months!  Been living on Facebook!
Gonna go for now
Love Ya