Friday, January 23, 2009

Here We Go Again!

Sorry I haven't been posting for a while. Last Friday I had done a complete post, and just as I hit "publish post" I lost my internet connection. No, I didn't neglect to pay my bill. I made the mistake of trying to switch from AT&T to Vonage for my phone service. What a mistake! Take my advice, don't use Vonage. They were horrible. Now, I'm waiting for Vonage to surrender my phone number back to AT&T. That won't happen until January 28! No phone line, no internet:( Once again, I am using the computer at the public library, so, no pictures for this post.
Must go for now. I have an appointment to get my hair cut, not that it's going to help anything! LOL
Take care and have a great weekend.
Love Ya

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Playing With Photoshop! :)

I have been absolutely horrible with keeping up on this blog and visiting all of yours! The holidays are finally over and things are back to relatively normal, if there is such a thing! Chuck is back on the road and Michael is back to school. I am back to part time peace and quiet. I had to pick up some bottled water for Chuck and take it over to where he drives for and leave it in the car for him to pick up on the way to Michigan. He was down in Indy all morning and afternoon. On my way, I stopped out at Glenna's house to see what the workers had accomplished, if anything. I don't think they have done anything since I was out there last. The back French doors were standing wide open, causing the furnace to run constantly. The basement is flooded. The sump pump was replaced in November and repaired in December. I think her ex has been out there messing around with things. He has no right to the house, and is not happy about it.
These top two pics were of what's left of a tree out on 200 N. 300 E. here in Hartford City. It was on my way back and forth between home and Montpelier. Same pic, just turned to black and white.
This was the sunset over a farm on my way home from Montpelier. This was how it actually looked.
This is the same picture, over-contrasted.
Same farm house, just a different shot. Also over-contrasted. The lighting was simply adjusted differently for each pic.
Again, the sunset on my way home. First pic is as it was.
This was also over-contrasted. It gives it a more dramatic look, I think!
These last two pics are at the clerk of courts in our local courthouse. They are no longer used, but still part of the office.
This second pic is just a close-up of the file drawers. The courthouse was built in 1893. I'm not sure how old these file drawers are, but they are obviously quite old!
These little sparrows were hanging out in the neighbor's bush and my cherry tree yesterday.
Gonna get off here for now. I will try to post and visit more often. Maybe since things are not so hectic around here any more, I will be able to.
Love Ya

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