Monday, September 22, 2008

Mom's Class Reunion

This is my mother, Myrna. She had her 50 year high school reunion Saturday night. She has been feeling a little better. The swelling in her feet has finally gone down, except for in the evening, but it doesn't get as bad as it did. She had planned on wearing a pant suit or skirt, but since she has gained a little weight, the elastic was too tight. So I gave her one of my old dresses to wear. See, it does pay to hold on to clothes you know you'll never wear again! LOL
No, this is not the entire class. This is about a fourth of who showed up. I didn't take a group photo because another photographer came out specifically for that purpose. He didn't come in until 8:30, but didn't get the piccture taken til almost 10:00. My mother was exhausted yesterday. She usually goes to bed around 7:00!
A couple of people brought in their senior chords for decoration. A couple of the men actually wore their in.
A school penant and a couple of sport team photos.
The old Hartford City High School yearbook. Hartford City High Shool saw it's last graduating class in the spring of 1969. Blackford High School opened that fall. BHS houses the entire county's high school kids. It's a very small county. Maybe around 15,000 for the whole county, I'm guessing. The yearbook for BHS is Reflections.
No, this guy wasn't part of the class reunion! He was sitting on a utility pole on my way out to my mother's Saturday morning when I went out to take her shopping.
I wish I would have brought the camera when we came back into town. The same hawk was sitting on the same post, this time with his snake lunch clutched in his talons. I always miss the good shots!
Gonna go for now. I have to go get groceries and cook down some grapes to make jelly. My uncle gave me a bushel of concord grapes. It is very time-consuming to pick the grapes of the stems. I spent 3 hours on it yesterday, and only got half way through the basket!
I attempted this post last night, but as soon as I hit publish, I lost my internet connection. Isn't that always the way!
Love Ya


Lib said...

Hi Lisa,
Looks like the reunion was fun:o)
Glad your Mom got to go!
Love ur photo's!:o)
Happy Autumn!
Have a great day!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

How nice your Mother was able to attend and enjoy herself. Shame the photographer didn't show up earlier. Like I said before, my 50th one was 2005, we had quite a few show up, in fact it's a get together for all of the classes, but ours was honored for the Fiftith. We probably had about 20 show up, and our class only had 49 graduate in 1955, so I guess that wasn't bad. LOL

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

So glad that the reunion went well and that your Mom could make it. I know all about regretting throwing out clothese that are too small or big, I was given a pile of jeans by a friend and I kept the ones that fitted then and hung on to the rest for ages and then eventually took them to the Charity Shop and now I have lost 13 lbs again and am kicking myself becaue all my clothese are hanging on me like sacks!!!

Love the hawk, hey u r gonna have to get used to missing all the good ones, that has happened to me more times than I care to remember and then I take my camera everywhere with me for a few weeks, and get zilch, but you can be sure the day I dont take it, I will see something amazing. These pictures have to remain etched in my memory for only me to see I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Snake with Hawk or Hawk with Snake. Interesting. I enjoyed your post and I see Patty has already been here and told you all about her 50th.

Reader Wil said...

It must have been wonderful for your mum to see all her classmates again. The pictures of the hawk are great. I tried to take a photo of a heron, that I saw when I cycled past it. It kept standing there as long as people cycled past it, but when I got off my bike, it flew away.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

I'm so glad that i left school when i did - nowadays in the UK we do the whole hire a limo, go to the ball thing with the Prom. No one in the UK would have dreamed of this in my day. I just sneaked out - didn't even turn up on the last day

Looks like your mom had a great time

Merle said...

Dear Lisa ~~ Lovely that your mother was able to go to the 50th reunion and the
photographer should have come earlier.
Your photos are good. Thanks for your comment and I am glad you enjoy reading my posts. I wish I had known about your e mail about FROG Relying on God is a much better idea. Take care, my friend,
Love, Merle.

Lydia said...

There's a sparkle in your mom's eyes at her reunion. How wonderful she attended (and in your dress!). I left my comments about the hawk in the prior post; loved it.

Elisabeth said...

What wonderful photographs - I am so pleased to read your Mother was able to attend! She looks happy to be there!


fishing guy said...

Lisa: Nice of you to go with Mom to the reunion. I'm getting pretty close to the 50th also.
That is a neat hawk photo.

nikkicrumpet said...

Wow 50 years. Very cool! I'm so curious though...I've never heard of "senior chords" can you drop me a note if you get a tell me what they were and the purpose. I'd love to know.

Nancy said...

So nice that your mom got to attend her class reunion. She looks good for what she's going through. You got some good shots there. Why didn't the photographer show up earlier, I wonder?

You are more ambitious than me to do all those grapes! WOW!

(((((( HUGS ))))))