Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honey, I'm Home!!!!!

OMG! What an experience! I don't ever want to do that again! The only way I will ever move again will be when we hit the lottery and pay somebody to move everything, better still, just buy all new. There is still so much to do. A little more junk in the old garage yet to move over here and get this place organized. I am terribly uncomfortable at the moment. I am having to sit on the floor to use the computer as the desk is still in a million pieces around the room.
I would like to thank

Reader Wil for this Kreativ Blogger award. I'm sorry I haven't posted it sooner.

I would also like to thank Patty

OLD LADY LINCOLN for this I love your blog award. I recieved both on October 28, much to my surprise. I know I am supposed to choose a certain set of people to recieve these awards, but I enjoy all the blogs that I read, so I invite all my readers to help themselves to either or both of these awards.
Meet Chloe. She lives directly behind our new house. She is three years old and very loving and playful. She is so funny to watch when she has her eye on the squirrels.
I took this pic of the chubby little cardinal yesterday,(Sunday). He was sitting in our cherry tree before swooping down to the feeder.
this old water pump is in the field across the road from my friend, Nila's house.
Night time shots of the courthouse and it's clock.
This little guy was on the fence behind our old house before we moved. I really miss my raccoons and opossums. Yesterday and today were the first I have not fed them. I really feel bad about abandoning them. I know they can forage for themselves, but I still feel bad. I already have several squirrels in the feeders here at the new house.
My friend, Glenna, and her boyfriend Tim were home for a few days. Her divorce hearing was Thursday. She got her house back, so she is going to get it back in shape and start renting it out. They left today, although they missed their original flight so had to go standby. She called from Seattle just before 10 p.m. our time. They were waiting to see when they would get their connecting flight to Anchorage. Their original flight was at 9a.m. Talk about a long day!
I am going to get off here and get to bed. My hips are killing me sitting on this floor. Carpet over a concrete floor. OUCH!
I will start visiting your blogs tomorrow.
Love Ya


Webradio said...

Cool now Lisa !

You have beautiful photos...

Have a good day !

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Glad the move is over...now the unpacking begins! I know the feeling about the coons and possoms. we have not had any night time visitors in a while since we stopped putting cat food outiside. ( the outdoor cat comes in to eat now) still, I sometimes think that the wild animals are still kinda like pets.

Lydia said...

O, you remind me of the BEST reason to celebrate our 10th anniversary in our house on Nov. 8th, and that is of course that it's been ten years since I moved! You're going to be sore and tired for awhile, so go easy if you can. Now, I'm worried about the raccoons: did you bring one or more of them along with you?
All the photos are wonderful: it'll be fun getting to know Chloe, as I have a feeling you'll be showing us more of her. Love the courthouse, too, and the chubby cardinal (we don't have cardinals in the Pacific NW).

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Great to have you back - hope you settle in quickly. Before long you'll stop turning the wrong way when you go to the toilet at 4am and everything will be like second nature again xx

flydragon said...

Glad you're finally in and halfway settled. I'm going to miss seeing your pics of taffy and the rest of the gang, but I'm sure you're going to have a whole new bunch of critters to show us.

Susie said...

Glad to see you made it through the storm Lisa. Moving is never, ever fun. I pretty much hate it! Hope you get yourself settled soon.

The picture of the courthouse is really pretty. Liked the one of the redbird as well. Great pics!!!

Lib said...

I don't like moving, I hope my next move is to Heaven!
Love the photos!
Hope things goes well with Glenna!
Have a great wk.

fishing guy said...

Lisa: Welcome back to blogging, you were missed. Those were some nice photos. I loved the squirrel on the fence.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi Lisa
Glad you are settling in. Nice pics of the courthouse, I need to get some for my records too before they build something on that piece of land and you dont get a cear view of it.

Hope you get your desk up again soon too LOL, tell Michael he has a job to do and that is it, he can't use the puter til he has the desk set up!!! That aught to get it done.



Fugazi said...

Hi Lisa. I havent been visiting your blog or any other blogs for a while - have had a stomac virus for about 5 weeks now and been feeling really down. Getting better now so I just had to visit. Good thing you are almost finished with mooving - hope you will like your new home. You have posted some beautiful post while I wasnt paying attention - so now I have entered your gang of followers..:)) Just to be able to see all your post as they arrive. Big hug from a wintery Norway - No snow - just cold and windy..:))

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Welcome back. We've all been busy, and awaiting your return to the online world of blogging!

Really Love the pictures. Wish I had the money for a Zoom like that for my Nikon, I am missing so much without it. I have my Macro and 2x Adapter Lens to get close up shots, but no zoom shots... :(

Maybe soon when things look up!


Middle Ditch said...

Stressful, moving house and yes I would feel guilty too abandoning those creatures.

Can't you go back now and again to see how they are?

Not just that though, you might now also have to change your blog to squirrel lover.


Hendrawan said...

a Nice Courthouse's shot Lisa, more exotic at nigt..

Anonymous said...

I too like your photos and the squirrel is really nice I think.

GMG said...

Hi Lisa! Glad to see you back! And congrats for the awards!
Meanwhile Blogtrotter is back to Greece in November 2007! Hope you enjoy and have a great week!

TC said...

I feel awful; I didn't even know you'd left! :~(

I hope you get settled in soon Lisa.

lisaschaos said...

Oh I am so with you on the selling all and buying new. I hate moving all my huge mounds of stuff! But I like your new neighbors (Chloe and Cardinal). Hope you continue to get settled. :)

About Town Photos said...

Love that shot of the cheeky squirrel on the fence and the courthouse looks stunning illuminated at night. It is great that you can still get a great shot of the courthouse these days, no parking signs, no advertising, no high rise buildings.

Nancy said...

I feel for you moving and getting settled in. I have moved so many times as my ex got transfered often. I got it down to an art, though! It's harder when you do the moving yourself like you did. I hope to stay where I'm at now...been here 8 1/2 years...that's the longest I've lived anywhere since leaving PA in '84. LOL

Maybe your oppossums and raccoons will find you....you said someplace that you only moved a mile away. Let's hope they do find you!

(((((( HUGS ))))))