Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Playing With Photoshop! :)

I have been absolutely horrible with keeping up on this blog and visiting all of yours! The holidays are finally over and things are back to relatively normal, if there is such a thing! Chuck is back on the road and Michael is back to school. I am back to part time peace and quiet. I had to pick up some bottled water for Chuck and take it over to where he drives for and leave it in the car for him to pick up on the way to Michigan. He was down in Indy all morning and afternoon. On my way, I stopped out at Glenna's house to see what the workers had accomplished, if anything. I don't think they have done anything since I was out there last. The back French doors were standing wide open, causing the furnace to run constantly. The basement is flooded. The sump pump was replaced in November and repaired in December. I think her ex has been out there messing around with things. He has no right to the house, and is not happy about it.
These top two pics were of what's left of a tree out on 200 N. 300 E. here in Hartford City. It was on my way back and forth between home and Montpelier. Same pic, just turned to black and white.
This was the sunset over a farm on my way home from Montpelier. This was how it actually looked.
This is the same picture, over-contrasted.
Same farm house, just a different shot. Also over-contrasted. The lighting was simply adjusted differently for each pic.
Again, the sunset on my way home. First pic is as it was.
This was also over-contrasted. It gives it a more dramatic look, I think!
These last two pics are at the clerk of courts in our local courthouse. They are no longer used, but still part of the office.
This second pic is just a close-up of the file drawers. The courthouse was built in 1893. I'm not sure how old these file drawers are, but they are obviously quite old!
These little sparrows were hanging out in the neighbor's bush and my cherry tree yesterday.
Gonna get off here for now. I will try to post and visit more often. Maybe since things are not so hectic around here any more, I will be able to.
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ArleneWKW said...

I especially like your Jan. 5th over-contrasted picture, the one before the file drawers. I don't remember who Glenna is, but think it good that she has you as someone with whom she can share the troubles you mention in this post.

Anonymous said...

I like that you experiment with Photoshop. That's one way to learn some new stuff and you have already learned a lot. I like the sky treatments.

Susie said...

Hey Lisa, Great pics as usual. The sky pictures are really pretty. I don't think you need to apologize for not blogging much. You've had a lot on your plate.

Have a great day!

The Great Ethan Allen said...

I love the contrast ones. Cheryl has to use fix photos on my seats to crop them and get some clare out. it really makes them pop... Even so people still say they look better than the picture once they actually are able to handle them .

The Great Ethan Allen said...

I love the contrast ones. Cheryl has to use fix photos on my seats to crop them and get some clare out. it really makes them pop... Even so people still say they look better than the picture once they actually are able to handle them .

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Lisa, I always enjoy your photos. Your photo of the stump gave me an idea. :) I really love the photo of the candy on the bed. I was so sorry to hear about your Mom but maybe she is at peace now and not in any pain. Hope you are okay and that your photo sessions will help ease your heavy heart. May 2009 bring you lots of joy. xo Lynn

Merle said...

DEar Lisa ~~ Your photos are great and I like the way you change them.
Thanks for your comments and I am glad you enjoy the jokes. So far 2009
is going well and I hope it is for you too. Take care, Love, Merle.

Reader Wil said...

Hi Lisa! Glad you're back again. I like your photos. I think I am conservative or old fashioned, because I like the original photos best. I am sorry to read that your mum passed away, especially during Christmas and New Year's Day, when families come together.

Rick said...

Sounds like you've been busy. Did you figure out if anyone was messing with the house mentioned in this post?

Thanks for visiting as always.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Lisa, playing with PhotoShop is one of my favorite things. I love the filters and have gotten some pretty effects with flower photos.

If you saw my Halloween post, the haunted house was done with Photoshop. The actual house looked nothing like the spooky creation in my finished photo.

Lib said...

Hi Lisa,
Love the photos.
I haven't been posting or visiting like I should either.
Hope you're doing good .
Have agreat wk.

lisaschaos said...

There's so much here I'm sure I will not remember it all to make comment but I really like the first overcontrasted photo! Neat! The second one I think I like it the original way, weird I know. Glad all is well. :)

TC said...

It's fun playin around with Photo Shop isn't it? ;~)

You might be interested in this Web site: http://sixrevisions.com/graphics-design/35-basic-tutorials-to-get-you-started-with-photoshop/

Handi said...

Lisa: nice Pictures Lisa.

Glad to see things are looking up, expecially in your Photos... Alot of Character...

Keep it up.

GMG said...

Hi Lisa! New Year, Old Troubles... No, I’m not talking about the frosty weather, just the office... Another hectic week! ;)
It seems you're having lots of fun with Photoshop!! Nice pics!

Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, now with new posts on Delhi! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Middle Ditch said...

Happy (belated) new year Lisa. Great pictures.

Merle said...

Dear Lisa ~~ Just a quick note to let you know that I have left an award for you at my blog. I hope you will enjoy it. Take care, Love, Merle

Merle said...

Dear Lisa ~~ Thanks for your comment and the news of the award. You are supposed to post it on your blog and then we get it from there.
Don't worry if it is too hard.
Take care of yourself, Love, Merle.

GMG said...

Hey! Where are you? Enjoying the Inauguration?

Gledwood said...

Hi Lisa Raccoon lover, I skipped here from Merle's blog in Melbourne as I won the same honest scrapper award as you and wanted a nosey poke round basically... hey I love your photos. Esp. bird photos. You know we hardly get sparrows here anymore (in London). There used to be thousands of them, flocks of sparrows and pigeons pecking about the pavements... My favourite British birds are so embarrassingly named but this is 100% true ~ the blue tit and her deluxe version the great tit. Not only are they extremely colourful for British birds, which all seem to be brown, but extraordinarily agile and constant entertainers on the bird table...
Great blog you got here, take it easy!