Thursday, March 12, 2009

Taking The Scenic Route

Surprise! It's only been two days since my last post and I'm already posting again! LOL
I went to Portland to Walmart again Tuesday. I made so many detours for pictures, it took me two hours to get home. If I go straight up SR 26, it's about 20 miles, but I went the long way out SR 27 to SR 18 through Bryant (no relation), then through Fiat, then Montpelier, then finally home. I saw some more Amish farms along the way. The picture above is in Montpelier. It is the Salamonie River.

This is actually the bottom of a tree stump. I put it on Photoshop and did the "invert" filter, which is basically the same as a negative.
This little guy was across the road from the river. He was soaked from the earlier rain.
This farming implement was just sitting out in the middle of a field near our family farmland in Montpelier.
It was the first day that I had seen the Red-winged Blackbirds. I always have a hard time getting good shots of these guys!
While I was still in Jay County, I went up a gravel road looking for barns and saw this guy in the road. I stopped and got out to take some pictures, then I picked him up from the road and put him in the grass on the side of the road, hoping he wouldn't get run over.
Finally, back to our back yard. A sparrow in the cherry tree.
I found this cocoon in one of the maple trees in the back yard when I was out cleaning up the yard this past weekend. Not sure what is in it. It is actually on old leaf that it used.
One day last week, my Aunt Pat called me out to her house and told me that the neighbor's dog had treed a young raccoon. We didn't think that it was a raccoon because of his paws. They almost looked like dog paws.
I had called Lyle and he went out there after I had left. He called the conservation officer and he's the one who confirmed that it was a variation of a raccoon. He was adorable!
Gonna get off here and get my tired carcass in bed.
Take care
Love Ya


Merle said...

Dear Lisa ~~ I am so glad you had a nice day sight-seeing around your place. The red winged blackbird is lovely, we only have black ones where I live. Thanks for your comments and I am so glad you enjoyed the jokes. My pain has eased a little today, thanks for your concern. Take great care, dear friend, Merle.

Susie said...

Isn't it amazing how something so simple as a tree trunk can look so beautiful?!?!? Love that picture. I think your mystery cocoon looks like a preying mantis egg sac. Not sure but could be.

That baby raccoon does look a little different but mighty cute.

Lib said...

Love the photo's!
Hope you're having a great wk.

Patty said...

Hello Lisa, glad you took the scenic route, you got some nice photos. The other route is for when you're in a big hurry. Have a great week-end.

Middle Ditch said...

Love the photo's, specially the cocoon, no idea what's in there but looks pretty impressive. THEN I had a great game with your Mauky. She's sweet!

Naturegirl said...

Lisa you are one with nature taking care of a turtle on the road! That's what I LoVe about you!
You have a compassionate heart for our nature world! Hugs aNNa

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Cool shots Lisa. As usual a nice variety of shots, I know I should have come with you when you asked but it is just as well because you got back so late and I would have had to feed horses in the dark!!!!

Hope the little Racoon was okay, what happened to him?

Jarlin said...

Nice pictures...thanks for sharing.

Lydia said...

These shots are so wonderful, Lisa. That kind-of raccoon is so sweet! I'm expecting to see some big litters (are they called litters?) this spring/summer because our Sequoia tree is getting all scored again from them climbing the tree. It seems there are more this year.

GMG said...

Hi Lisa!
With such a beautiful route to take, i wouldn't mind repeating. Great shots!

Blogtrotter has Akbar’s capital city for you. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Jannie Funster said...

It's amazing how you managed to catch so much wild-life.

The sparrow is my fav.

I think my camera is lost, boo hoo.

ArleneWKW said...

Awww, the raccoon is so sweet looking. I had to check your profile again after reading that you went to "Portland . . ." The only Portland I'd known about was in Oregon. I like these pictures and am especially intrigued by the first one done in sepia.

lisaschaos said...

You had a great outcome to your day of explorations! I love that little coon!

Stacey Huston said...

Great photos and that is a strange looking racoon.. stay safe. and thanks for sharing

Mary said...

Lisa - I love the shot of the turtle! AND - you saved him :) So sweet! And this raccoon that you got to shoot - it's so pretty! I've never seen one with these colors. NIce job!!

GMG said...

Hi Lisa!
We miss you!

fishing guy said...

Lisa: Looks like you have a true coon dog, what a fun capture. That little coon looks scared to death.

Ginnymo said...

I love your photos!! The raccoon is so cute!!!