Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Still Down

Well, my computer is still down. I took it to the repair shop. The mother board and processer are bad and I don't have $300 to have it fixed. I didn't lose any of my pictures, thank goodness. My older son, Ryan has an extra computer that his mother-in-law is currently using. When she gets her new one, he will get that one back for me, put my hard drive in it, as well as the one already in it, and let me have that one. I am still using Lori's computer at the time.
Well, a lot has happened since I have been without my computer. The worst of it being that my husband has left me! He moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee two weeks ago. He has left me with no job and very little money. I really wish I could start selling my photography to earn a little bit of money. Jobs around here are scarce. I have put in applications and resumes in several places, but no calls so far. The bad thing is, we had several projects started on the house. We had wallpaper peeled off the walls in the spare bedroom and master bathroom, but never got them painted. The guest bath needs to have the paper peeled and painted as well. There is no insulation in the attic. Two months in a row, my gas bill was just short of $500 per month! No way I can afford that. We were only able to afford it this time because of the money I got when my mother passed away, but all that is gone bacause we had to pay off all our credit cards so I could take over the house. It couldn't be put into my name till I got my credit straightened out.
I don't have any idea what I'm going to do.
This is a model plane that people were flying around out at the high school parking lot on Sunday. I went out there on my way home from putting my garden out at Lyle's. Ryan, Melissa and Cody were out ther flying a kite, that is, while the breeze would cooperate! Cody was riding his tricycle around in the parking lot while mommy and daddy flew the kite.
The gosling and duck pics were from a farm out on Willman Road, not too far from where Lori lives. I was just bored one day and started driving around.
The lonliness is really starting to get to me. Especially if I am watching TV and there is an intimate scene on there. Just watching them kiss gets me depressed! Oh well, just something I have to get used to, I guess.
Gonna get off here for now. Hopefully, I will have a computer next week. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!
Love Ya


Patty said...

What, what, what happened. I almost had a heart attack when I read about the husband. Is he there looking for work, or is he gone? Either way I am so sorry for all the heart ache, and everything else that is going on in your life right now. How long were you married?

I can't imagine having a gas bill that high. Is it because of no insulation? Can you sell your Mother's place, or do you want to keep it?

Hoping you soon have a computer again, that will help with job hunting and killing some lonely time. Hang in there, they say every cloud has a silver lining.

GMG said...

Hi Lisa,
Don't give up! Things will definitely improve!!!
Look forward to reading you at Blogtrotter as soon as your computer is fixed!!!
All the best

Anonymous said...

Beautiful indeed - Fantastic synthesis observations and be able to focus the camera eye
regards steven may

Jarlin said...

This is sad, but dont give up your confidence. I'm sure you will come out from all this burden soon.

I would suggest, spend time on your blog and write more, you can earn good amount of money from it. There are lot of people living by full time blogger. Its all require good planning.

Lydia said...

Lisa, dear. This is terribly shocking news to read. You have been given more than anyone's share of sorrows and difficulty in the last months. I mourn for the loss of the life you had so beautifully and cheerfully created with that man, and find it hard to understand how he could leave you in such dire conditions.

And through it all you continue to capture beauty in your camera. Thank you for that gift to us...which is also a gift to yourself.

Would you perhaps consider installing a "Donate" button that links to PayPal, as I've seen on other blogs? I don't know how it is done but it probably wouldn't be too time-consuming to research the particulars. You could have a link to this post for readers to learn about the challenges you are facing. I couldn't donate much but if everyone pitched in a little that could help you at least in the short-term.


Middle Ditch said...

Oh my god you have been through it. I'm really sorry to hear this. Throw yourself into anything to keep your mind off. And 500 per month bill for gas!!! Unbelievable.

Take care

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Patty. He is working for his friend's dad, doing landscaping. He is also living with him. He is filing for divorce online. It's all for the best, I suppose. He was always coming and going because of his bipolar alcoholic tantrums.

Lydia, I have never heard of doing the donation thing on the blog. I don't have a paypal account and don't know how it works.

Thank you everybody for your kind words. I am currently using my son's computer. I should have one some time this week!
Love Ya

GMG said...

OK! Things are improving you see... ;)

Anonymous said...

Lisa don't let life get you down - There is no bad FOR THE GOOD THAT IS COMING! Close this chapter in your life for you to be at the right place at the right time is your destiny!!!!!!! Remember to try to Barter for services. There should be some type of Bartering Services in Indiana and you would be surprised at how people are helping people. Love Ya honey and if I can do anything to help just let me know.

Handi said...


Sorry to hear about the lose... I could go on a Rant, but it's best that peace be kept.

All things happen for a reason, weather a good or bad one, all things will work out for the best in the end.

On the other note. have you tried the Hartford Newspaper to sell Photos of events and the likes?

Set up an etsy store with Pictures you take and Frame and sell them... it's an online Store like ebay that you can Sell Stuff on it that you craft....

And pictures I'm sure could fall in that catagory as Crafted expecially if you enhance with photoshop or something of your own design, then add a frame and a price and away you go.

Goodluck on your Journey.