Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let Me Try This Again!

The last time I tried to post from my computer, it disconnected on me just as I hit "publish post"! Talk about aggrivating!!!
I finally get to thank Merle at Merle's Third Try for the Honest Scrap award. She passed it along to me when my internet was down. Here's how this goes.
List 10 honest things about myself
Post the award on your post and blog
Put a link to the person/persons who you received the award from.
Nominate at least 7 blogs which show "honest scrapness"
Be sure to link to your nominees in your post.
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1. I just quietly turned 46 years old on January 30th.
2. I am scared to death that because I have already lost my father, mother and maternal grandmother to cancer, that I won't be far behind.
3. I have been married three times. The first two marriages were horrible. The current quite good.
4. I have 2 sons. Ryan will be 27 in May and Michael just turned 15 in October. One grandson, Cody, will be 4 in August. One daughter-in-law, Melissa. I love them all. A big part of why I moved back to Indiana from Florida.
5. I have a terrible weight problem. 17 years ago, I went from 180 pounds down to 125 pounds, then turned around and got pregnant! The pounds have been packing on and slightly dropping since. My highest weight got up to 212 pounds about 3 years ago. I am only 5 feet, 3 inches tall, or should I say short (vertically challenged!)
6. I am extremely lazy! I will stay up til well after 1:00 in the morning, but stay in bed til at least 10:00, if not later!
7. My husband gets very aggrivated with me because I rarely talk. If I don't have anything interesting to say, why speak!
8. I love to home can fresh vegetables and make my own jelly.
9. I would rather be taking pictures than keeping house, although, I do make time for that as well.
10. I love all different kinds of music, as you can tell by my playlist. I'm sure a lot of you were kind of surprised to see Glen Miller's "In The Mood" on there.

Now, I'm going to break the rules on the next part. I don't like to select just certain people for these awards. I feel like I might be upsetting the people that I don't choose. So, if you are visiting this post, please feel free to take the award on over to your own site.

This Blue jay shot is my pride and joy up to this point. I couldn't believe how well it turned out. I took it last Wednesday when we had our big snow storm. I think we ended up with somewhere between 8 to 12 inches of snow, depending on the area.
I shot this over on the Mississinewa River on January 26. I thought they were called gray geese, but my late mother and my step-father got me a National Geographic Complete Birds of North America book for Christmas, and when I looked the birds up in the book, it says that these birds are called Swan Geese. Id never heard of such a thing.
This is the bridge that I was standing on taking the pictures of the geese.
This is a female Red-bellied Woodpecker.
This is just an icicle that I shot out of my kitchen window. The shot was so over-exposed that you couldn't see the icicle at all. So I put it on Photoshop and clicked on Enhance then Auto levels, and this is the result!
These two cats belong to Lori over at ProPhoto By Lori. I took it a couple of weeks ago. I had been out there the day previous to take pictures of the horses out in the snow, but an accident happened before we could. While Lori was trying to get the 3 older phillies into the round pen so she could let the baby out, one of the horses kicked her in the head. She is doing better now. She still has some slight bruising. She was being quite stubborn and wouldn't go to the E.R. Shame on you, girl! We finally managed to get some shots earlier this week. I haven't edited any of them, so I'm not posting them on this entry.
One of our many male cardinals. All of my bird shots that I get since living in this house have been taken standing on a chair and shooting out the kitchen window.
This is a Brown Thrasher. This was the first and last day I have ever seen this breed. In the last couple of weeks, I have decided that since I have this bird book now, that I am going to try to see how many different breeds of birds I can get shots of, print out a 4x6 of the best of each, and put in the book on it's respective page.
This is one of the neighborhood cats that I feed. She stayed right in this spot for quite some time waiting for the bird snack that never came. She is actually a gray cat, but you'd never know with all the snow all over her. The birds were smart enough to wait till she was gone to come in for seed.
I think this is my longest post yet!
I'm going to get off here now and get to bed. I have to get up with Chuck in 4 hours to fix him breakfast and get him a lunch and snacks ready to take with him. Yes, I will go back to bed, then back up at 6:30 long enough to get Michael up for school then back to bed.
Love ya


flydragon said...

Glad you could squeeze this post in before you were cut off again:) Love your pictures as always!! I also noticed your taste in music is very much like mine. Love "In the Mood"

Susie said...

These pictures were great as usual Lisa. That little looks like it was freezing to death. Hope you have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I never had problems with AT&T but then I never had them. We had problems with Verizon and Road Runner. Something it was really frustrating.

Anyway, came here to look at what you posted and like everything. I especially am partial to the raccoons and to the blue jays. Although I took some photos yesterday of a male cardinal that are different in that he is looking into the light, so to speak, and my photo is looking at the back end of his feathers which gives him a different look.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Once again some nice photos. I'm like you, not too heavy, just too short. Well I have shrunk about 3 inches in height since we got married and the pounds I'm not even going to talk about. Go here to pick up your birthday card. Sorry it's late, but you were so quiet about it, I didn't know it until today. copy and put in your browser.

Jeanette said...

gday Lisa.. Happy belated birthday wishes..Love all your birds, its nice to birds from other parts of the world....Silly cat staying in the snow waiting for feed...

fishing guy said...

Lisa: A very interesting post, very revealling. I enjoyed the bluejay photo so much, it is a beauty for certain.

lisaschaos said...

So many great photos! I love the kitty in the snow!

Happy really late birthday! So we're both Lisa's and both Aquarius. :)

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Hey Lisa

So good to see you back again!

You can't take pictures as good as these and tell me you're not an artist

I especially like the cat photos - some wonderful lighting

Fugazi said...

Your Blue jay shot is amazing. You are truly an artist:)) Love ya loads:))

Nancy said...

You have some great shots here!!! That poor little gray kitty....looks so cold all huddled there, but guess it was just waiting for a bird to eat.

You and I are just alike about staying up late and sleeping in! I love your #6! I sometimes stay up all night, though! Getting crazy in my old age!!! LOL

((( HUGS )))