Sunday, February 15, 2009

Still Waiting For Warm Weather!

I am so over the cold weather! We had a bad rain storm Wednesday evening. It had been raining all that day, broke for about an hour or so, then cut loose again! I had gone out for a short walk to try to relieve some stress. (Gonna be dealing with a lot of that for quite a while!) When I was on my way back, it really cut loose. Rain, wind and hail. It was all hitting me in the back. I was completely drenched by time I got home. I was walking past a friend's house when it really started. When I got past the front of the house, I heard a loud cracking sound, like a board or a tree limb snapping. I couldn't see anything out of the ordinary though. When I finally got home, I called the friend and told him what I had heard. He said that he didn't hear anything, but he would go out and check on it. I also jokingly told him that I was tempted to run up on his front porch to wait out the rain. He just said, "well, I was home, you should have. I would have taken you home." I just laughed and said, "Oh sure, now you tell me!" While I was talking to him, I had to step outside because Michael and Jason had the TV turned up loud playing video games and I couldn't hear. I was getting wet standing out there, so I stepped into the furnace closet. I was even getting wet standing in there because the ceiling was leaking. Shortly after, the ceiling collapsed! It had been in bad shape for a while, but finally gave in. Chuck, Jason and Michael put a new roof on the closet Friday afternoon. They still have to put the new insulation in the ceiling on the inside, but at least the outside is done. Now I have a huge mess to clean up. Plaster, chunks of wood and shingles and wet insulation! YUK! I saw my friend up town the next day and he said that he couldn't find any damage. That's good!
The picture at the very top is of our local Lake Placid. I know that there are several Lake Placids around the country, but I'm quite sure that ours is the smallest of all of them! If I'm not mistaken, the building on the far side of the lake belongs to The Assembly Of God Church.
The next picture is just a couple of Canadian Geese on a frozen pond. It's really strange that they don't seem to leave here in the winter any more. They used to always fly south, but I guess this is far enough south for them now.
This is just an old barn when I was out driving aimlessly around last Sunday. I ended up in Dunkirk, Indiana, via the back roads.
I thought this horse was so cool looking with it's markings.
This was taken on Valentine's Day. It's in our next door neighbor's yard. We call it a bird bush, because there are always several birds in it. I just liked the way it was holding the snow.
Gonna get off here now and go to bed. Michael has school tomorrow, make-up snow day, even though it's a so-called holiday. Just another excuse for the government to take a day off and get paid for not working!
I see that I have some new members on my followers list. Welcome, everybody!
I will come visit people tomorrow. Everybody have a great week.
Love Ya


Lydia said...

I hate to tell you this, Lisa, but from these pictures it looks like you have a bit more winter to struggle against. :)
I am very curious about your neighbor's "bird bush," as it looks similar to one outside our kitchen window that attracts all kinds of birds yearlong. Tell me if that thing blooms tiny white flowers, ok? And if it does then maybe someone can tell us what it is!

The Great Ethan Allen said...

I'm ready for the snow to be gone too. Global warming YEAH! BRING IT!

flydragon said...

Hey Lisa,
What a pain in the butt day you had, with the furnace closet ceiling and all!!!
Hang in there, warmer weather is just around the corner. Yeah right:)
Enjoyed your pictures as always.

Patty said...

Yes, our grandkids are off today. But about two weeks ago, daughter got a note saying, if there were anymore snow days, they would have to be made up at the end of the year. And I thought why, go to school on one of the holidays, like today. Audrey got out early Thursday, 2pm instead of 3:15, she didn't have to go Friday, in-service day and today she's off for President's Day. So I would think they could have used some of these days if needed.

Our recyclable guy isn't even running today. Well he's not recyclable, he picks up recyclables. LOL

Of course we have one neighbor who set theirs out last night and it will set there until he comes, which should be tomorrow, then the container will probably set there until the trash man goes on Thursday, then their trash cans will set there until at least Sat. Every neighborhood seems to have one don't they. LOL But their garage is so full, they park in the driveway, so they have to see this as they pull in and also get out of their cars. They have a teen age boy and another boy around 11, I would think that job could be theirs. Ok, I'm going to stop whining.

Glad the furnace closet ceiling is fixed, wish they would have clean up the mess for you.

Have a good day and we can hope for warmer weather.

Lakshmi said...


Hope you have a great weather soon ...often Ive realized how the weather works on our moods..however your pics look lovely..have a good week too

ArleneWKW said...

Having the closet roof come down on you after you've already endured so much harassment from the weather seems like waaay to much for anyone to have to go through. Your writing suggests that a part of you still had the ability to laugh over the wretched situation.

A few weeks back I was in the area of a natural preserve. About a thousand Canadian geese were flying overhead. It was very very cool.

fishing guy said...

Lisa: Loved your photos today. That bush is really cool. I enjoyed your country ballad on the player. The geese on the ice was neat.

Anonymous said...

That horse is special, Lisa. I think it might be special to Native Americans. I believe that is their favorite.

Stacey Huston said...

Lisa,that horse is beautiful.. what cool markings.. thanks for sharing.. and I hope it warms up for you soon.

Jarlin said...

Nice pics...It best suits your post.

Susie said...

Hi Lisa, Nice photos as usual. I especially love the one of the horse.

Deb said...

Beautiful photos Lisa. I love old barns & horses and your photos of both are fantastic.

lisaschaos said...

I love the barn! Can you believe we're getting snow again? I hope spring comes soon. :)

The geese stay around up here too, I was really surprised by that when we moved here.

Glennis said...

Interesting old barn. That snowy tree looks pretty too.

Reader Wil said...

I loved your photos and your story about the rain. Today it looks like a dry day and I hope it'll stay that way. Yesterday it was wet , wet, wet...I had to go out and when I got back it was wet again.I wish we had some snow.

Merle said...

Dear Lisa ~~ I do hope your weather
warms up soon for you. The seasons seem to go on a bit too long. We still have some summer to get through
It was lovely to see cott and Nicole and they look great together.. Glad you enjoyed the jokes. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Naturegirl said...

Lisa I hear you on the "so over the cold weather"..rained here last week melted all our snow however I hear MORE coming this weekend!
Love your photos of the barn and horse!
A terrible thing your roof collapsing! Happy to hear it's now repaired! Smile to you aNNa

Lisa Allender said...

Okay, Lisa, it's time to put together a li'l book of your (wonderfully imaginative!) nature-photography! I wish I had your talent with a camera!
Stay warm up there.