Friday, October 3, 2008

Autumn Is Definately Here!

Good morning everybody. I got a little carried away with the pics today! I went out to a pumpkin patch today, which is about 4 miles or so from my mother's house. I stopped by and picked her up before I went out there, because I know she likes to get out of the house every once in a while. I bought my pumpkins there last year as well.
As you can see in the upper right-hand corner, all the big ones grew laying on their sides, so they wouldn't have really been good for jack-o-lanterns. Last year he had enormous pumpkins, but he said this year they just didn't grow properly. The big one he had in his front yard last year weighed 180 pounds! He said the biggest one he had this year was about 120 pounds, but again, it was on it's side like the others. I have gotten into playing around with photoshop. Can you tell? LOL
They have started harvesting already. I was leaving Mom's house, driving down her extremely long driveway when I took this pic. There is actually another combine directly behind this one, just well hidden. They were harvesting soybeans.
These wildflowers/weeds were in the corner of a field after crossing the railroad tracks on my way home from Mom's. These little purple flowers are along several ditches. Up close, they kind of look like mini daisies.
This is the same barn that is in the last post. The same one that I forgot where it was! I caught this shot from a different road.
This was the sky yesterday. It was overcast and dreary all day, but never rained until we had gone to bed, but even then, it was a very light rain. There was very little water in the raccoon dish this morning.
More harvesting. This was all out near my mother's house.
I was playing around with photoshop on this one again. Only the center of the picture has any color, just like the one of the pumpkins.
A better shot of the turning of the leaves. I just love autumn leaves. When I lived in Florida, I never really saw leaves turn. Just die and fall off the trees.
This is the same picture, just more photoshop playing. This is "lighting effects".
My pigs, I mean squirrels, seem to eat just about anything I put out there. I just happened to catch this guy with the apple in his mouth.
Then he carried the entire thing up the tree. He must have some strong little jaws to be able to carry something that big without dropping it.
Here's my hairball, Salem, in his basket as usual. He was looking up at me like he was telling me to leave him alone. This was the third picture I took of him with the flash on, so I woke him from his beauty sleep!
Just another autumn leaves pic.
Believe it or not, these petunias just started blooming last week! I planted seed indoors in the middle of spring, and when it got warm enough outside, I dumped everything in the planter box beside my front door. Nothing had even thought of sprouting until August! Only 2 plants came up after all that, and only one of them has blooms.
Gonna scoot for now and get to bed. I already fell asleep watching TV earlier. I never have enough sense to go to bed at a decent time.
Everybody have a great day and I will see you soon.
Love Ya


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Mmmmm, pumpkin pie!

Lovely photo of Salem xx

Lib said...

Hi Lisa,
Love the photos!
Hope your Mom is doing better!:o)
Glad you get her out fom time to time:o)You're a GREAT daughter!;o)
Have great wk.end!

Reader Wil said...

Lovely set of photos, Lisa. Thank you for sharing! Photoshop must be very handy, at least I have heard a lot about it.
Thank you for your visit. Have a nice weekend.

Rick said...

Welcome back Lisa. You're too kind. I enjoyed the photos. I think that I am ready for fall - but not winter.

How are the coons doing?

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Lisa, thank you for stopping by and visiting my site.

I love your black squirrel. My father has a black one at his place. Yours is so cute carrying that apple.

I love to play around with PhotoShop too. I try different things just to see what I get.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed my visit to your blog and the black squirrel with the walnut and the harvest scenes. Always nice to come here.

Thanks for your visit.

nikkicrumpet said...

You always have the prettiest photos....They remind me of home. And that squirrel pic is a gem! How nice that you caught him at just the right moment!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Great Fall photos. Have a wonderful week-end.

fishing guy said...

Lisa: What a neat set of photos today. Thanks for sharing your Fall with us.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

OM Gosh Lisa I have created a monster!!!!! LOL I thought it would be hard to top me for taking photos in large numbers but I humbly bow before you LOL.

Great variety of shots.

Merle said...

Dear Lisa ~~ Loved all your photos, they are really good. Love the black squirrel
with the apple up the tree. Thanks for your congrats on the new GGDaughter -I am
waiting for a photo as they live over
1000 kilomeyers away. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

ArleneWKW said...

Playing around with photoshop is fun. I especially like what you did with the lighting effect that gave a golden cast to the photo above the squirrel with the apple (a very cute picture and, you're right, what powerful jaws; i never saw a squirrel carrying such a large object). I may have mentioned this before, but your kitty reminds me so much of Daisy.

André Lemay said...

Fall for you, we had snow yesterday, the hay is all stack away now and we are getting ready for a long winter. Great pictures.

Hendrawan said...

Very kind of you Lisa.. but if you mind how old is her?

Lydia said...

Thanks for taking us along for the ride (that's so good for your mom to get out in the beautiful autumn weather). Loved your little "pig." It reminded me of one I saw at our kitchen window this week. I drew up the blinds and in the bush right in front of me was a face. I had just woken up so was kinda in a daze and my brain just couldn't compute this face where birds usually are. I had to laugh when it moved and scurried away from the birdfeeder. It was a little red squirrel.

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hendrawan, if it is my mother that you are asking how old is she, she will be 68 on December 30.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Is that squirrel black? I see white pumpkins for sale. I love white pumpkins but the ones around here are way too expensive to buy. I even tried to find lumina pumpkin seeds to plant but no luck. Have a great day Lisa. ~ Lynn

Fugazi said... ones, thats something I have never seen. Great pictures as always Lisa. Really cool to see that you have started playing with editing tools...they really are funny. Take care Lisa.

Nancy said...

Lots of pumpkins for pie making!!! My family prefers pumpkin bars to pie anymore. They are sooooo good!!! I can hardly wait til turkey day rolls around!!!

I LOVE your kitty!!!! I have 4 black ones....2 are long haired. I have any kind you can imagine! LOL

Photoshop is fun to play with....if you have the time (which I don't seem to have anymore!) I am tired of working all the time, I know that!!!

I am always behind in my blog reading, but please know that I will get here sooner or later. LOL

(((((( HUGS ))))))