Friday, October 10, 2008

This Weather Can't Make Up It's Mind!!!

Happy Friday to everybody. We are having some unseasonably warm weather. I wish our summer would have been this comfortable! It is currently 74 degrees F. and the sun is shining. This wagon in the pic above is behind a house out east of town, near the fairgrounds. I had never seen it back there before, but then again, never really paid attention. It's right beside the field that I saw the three deer in last week. I love old wagons and farm implements like this.
This is the Mississinewa River. Normally you can't see all the river rocks there, but because of the lack of rain, the water level is low. This is in Delaware County, just north of Muncie. I couldn't stop and get out of the car to take decent pics, because there are No Parking signs all over, so I just stopped on the bridge and shot out the window. Mom and I were coming back from Muncie. She is feeling al lot better. They are currently on their way to West Virginia to see Lyle's son, Lyle Dean in Charleston, I believe it is.
This is one of the country roads between home and Mom's house. I'm glad I got the shot when I did, because when I drove past there this afternoon, all the hay (or straw) rolls are lined up in a straight row at the back of the field.
This is what they have done so far to the viadocks near our house. This is what my newspaper pics were of. They are so loud with the jackhammer, that I could hear it from my grandfather's yesterday while I was cleaning out the garden. That's 3 miles away!
This is Grandpa's new little friend. She is so cute! She stays outside and is still a little wild. I got more pics of her, but I thought this one is cute!
I told you a couple of posts back about my friend Glenna. She is the lady that lives in Anchorage, Alaska now since her son died. She called me Wednesday morning and told me that one of the firemen from Montpelier had called her that morning and told her that one of her barns had burned down. So she asked me to go out and take pictures of the damage.
There was nothing left except for the corrugated metal from the roof and the metal from where stalls had once been.
While I was there, there was an old rolled up carpet at the east end of what had been the barn, and it was still smoldering. With the wind blowing the way it was, the carpet caught fire again, so I had to call the fire department to come back out. I'm glad I was there when I was, because with so little rain, the grass was really dry and it would have caught fire and spread to one of the other barns. The firefighters told me that the barn was already gone when they got the 911 call at 3:00 a.m. The call had been made from 2 or 3 miles away according to one of the firemen.
The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but everybody, including the firemen and the police officer that lives across the road from there, has the same suspicion about how it started.
Frankly, we are all surprised that the house is still standing. The house is now up for sheriff auction. I have gone inside 2 times in the past 3 weeks. Glenna wanted me to get some of her belongings, whatever may have still been out there. Most of her antique furniture was removed from the house, then destroyed by her soon-to-be ex-husband. He didn't want anybody to have it! When I went into the house on Wednesday, a lot of things were not where they were the first time I went out, and curtains had all been removed from the bedroom windows.
We are going to try to go to Civil War Days tomorrow. I have never been there, but my son went there with his 8th grade class last year. They do the re-inactments and show what life was like back then. I hope we get to go so I can get some pictures for you.
Gonna get off here for now.
Love Ya


Lib said...

Hi Lisa,
Love the photos!
Sorry to hear about your friends barn.
Happy to hear your Mom's feeling better:o)Prayer's works!!!:o)
Hope your Honey is home for the wk.end.
Have a great wk.end!

Susie said...

Glad to hear your mom is doing better. I know you must be glad. Love that pic of your grandpa's kitty. It has such piercing eyes. Have a good weekend Lisa.

fishing guy said...

Lisa: What an interesting post you have done here. Love the photos, not the subjects.

Jeanette said...

Hi Lisa, Sorry to hear of your friends barn burning down.Lucky you got there in time to call the fre brigade and prevent further damage.
You Captured some Great Photo's of the smoldering ruins.. Take great care {{{HUGS}}}}

lisaschaos said...

Wow, that was quite a fire!

I saw your link on Camera Critters blogroll and was drawn because we share a name and the raccoons. :) Happy weekend!

GMG said...

Hi Lisa! Sorry for the long delay in coming here, but these last weeks have been hectic; no, I’m not talking about the financial/economic crisis… ;))
Lovely posts! Loved to see the old book! And the gorgeous Autumn colours!
Have a great weekend!

flydragon said...

Love the picture of that old wagon.
And I hope you're very careful when going to your friends empty house. Doesn't sound like it would be very safe with her ex still around.

Naturegirl said...

Lisa I suppose you are getting a taste of Indian Summer when the rising sun blazes through and colors our world with a golden hue!
So sad to read about the barn burning
and the lady's troubles....but on a happier note I LoVe the portrait of the little cat...GREAT capture!purzzzz NG

Nancy said...

Oh, I love the little kitty! Hope she makes up with you all before winter so she can get in out of the cold. She (or he) looks so cute!!!

Guess they all think it was arson for the barn fire, huh? People do some of the meanest things these days, don't they?

Nothing to comment on....what happened to this post?

Guess this catches me up with your blog now.....I am always behind, but please know that I will get here sooner or later. LOL

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Steven said...

Lisa, every honor - you're nicely - greeting - Steven May

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

fantastic photos as always - love the shot of the cat.

Best wishes to your mum and your friend

Merle said...

Dear Lisa ~~ Glad your mother is doing better. Great photos of the burned down barn. You should be very careful going into the house of your friend or maybe you don't have to any more.
Thanks for your comments, the story of the Old Phone and Wayne was very popular. Take care my friend, I hope
this week will be a good one for you. Love, Merle.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I am sorry about the house and understand where your questions are heading with regard to it burning!!!!

The Mississinewa River is the one that runs through the place I go trail riding, in fact the camp ground is just below the dam I believe. The water was very high on Labor Day because they had opened the floodgates and it was impossible for us to cross it but the last few times we have been there it has been pretty low, horse knee deep basically. Not sure which direction it flows and if the section you were at is before the dam or after it. If it is after it then that would explain why the water is so low, they just haven't been releasing any recently. Will have to look at a map!

I took a little point and shoot digital camera with me on Saturday to go riding to see how it would fare, but I missed a lot of wonderful shots as I didnt take my othr camera with too in case. We had a little chipmunk saunter into the middle of a group of us that were resting our horses at one corral (about 20 or 30 horsdes and riders), do a turn about, run up the HORSES' leg and then up a tree and sit up there watching us. I sat near the base of the tree and it came back down chattering away, crossed the ground in front of me and ran up the tree it obviously wanted to run up in the first place. Unfortunately the little point and shoot wasn't quick enough to get shots and that is the closest I have been to a chipmunk other than the one Sylvester caught and presented to me that one morning. It was so close and a grat opportunity missed. The fall colors were fantastic too, and from inside the forest looking out through the sunlit leaves and at the blue sky was beautiful, but unfortunately most of what I shot is not of sufficient quality for me to use, so I am probably going to have to make a day trip up again this weekend before all the leaves fall and try to get some more. Knowing my luck it will rain all weekend!!!! We had absolutely fabulous weather all weekend and rode for seven hours again in the forests. (((Hugs)))

nikkicrumpet said...

Love that photo of the rolled hay...what a great picture.