Thursday, October 23, 2008

Moving Day Is Drawing Closer!

Hello everybody. Obviously, this hawk didn't want to be bothered with me. I only got a couple of not-so-good shots before he took off. The take off was the best shot!
Moving day is getting closer and closer! I'm not looking forward to the move at all. I have been at the house all week cleaning, trying to get the place ready to move in. I took a couple of boxes down as well as my plant stand. Of course, my plant stand hasn't held any plants for about a year. They all died on me. I think I could kill silk plants for that matter. My plant stand usually holds pictures, figurines and nik nax to collect dust! LOL I am making the Florida room into my computer room. It will also hold Mom's refrigerator as a back up with ours in the kitchen. I will also have my sewing machine out there. It is not a heated room, so we are going to have some kind of space heater out there. Kerosene heaters are a little too pricy for our budget. The only thing that I don't like about the house is that the bedrooms are all very small. We won't even be able to get all our bedroom furniture into our bedroom. My dresser will have to go into the "guest" bedroom.
The kitchen, however, has more space than my current kitchen. The best part is, the cabinets in the utility room are huge, so that will be my pantry. I will take my two cabinets from here and use them in the computer room there. I'll have Mom's washer and dryer which are much newer than mine.
I was packing a few things up from the "sitting room" here, which is what I took to the house already. Salem decided he was going to help me pack. Some help! He just wanted to take up space in the boxes! LOL
I took this shot of the moon this past Saturday. The "slash" marks at the bottom and right are actually tree limbs from the tree across the street from me. I knew that once the moon got any higher, it wouldn't be as large. This is the best moon shot I've gotten yet.
This is an older picture. About 2 years old. I took it with my Kodak Easyshare. My friend, Glenna, had asked me to e-mail her some of my "coloring book" pictures of Blackford County. She is a registered nurse, but she is currently working with children who live in a "home". The children are there for various reasons. Abuse is the main reason. She printed out the pictures that I sent her and took them to work with her for the kids to color. The kids range in age from about 6 to about 17. She is, in a way, a teacher. After her son died, this is the first thing that has made a difference in her life. When the children do well with lessons and tests, she gives them the coloring sheets, or she has also bought several used movies and takes them in for the children to watch. Most of them have never seen a Disney movie and absolutely love watching the ones that she brings in.

This is the Mothodist Church in a little village southeast of Hartford City called Millgrove. It's very tiny. I don't think that there are any businesses there any more. There used to be a feed mill and a cabinet business there, but the last time I went through there, I didn't see anything but houses, probably less than 30 houses.
Gonna get off here and get my beauty sleep! It doesn't work, but it sounded good! I would like to know where the term "beauty sleep" ever came from. Maybe if I call it "rich sleep", I'll wake up with more money in the bank. What do you think? LOL
Everybody take care and have a wonderful day. Today is my son, Michael's 15th birthday. Wish him a good one!
Love Ya


Lydia said...

Happy Birthday to Michael. 15 is a wonderful age and I hope he has a terrific year!

Your moon shot is really something, Lisa. I'm glad you told us what the etches were, and they add interest to the shot. Salem is really getting into the move; my cats are always more energized than I am when boxes come out for any reason!
Pace yourself and don't forget that beauty/rich sleep. :)

Webradio said...

Happy birthday Michael !

Pretty photos today, and thank You for the explain...

flydragon said...

What a great shot of the hawk!!!
Moving can be exciting and a big pain in the butt at the same time. I been in the same place for a looooong time now and would not look forward to packing everything up but would still be a bit excited at the prospect.
Happy birthday to your Michael. And if that Rich Sleep works, let me know. :)

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Moving is very stressful, I worked with Allied van lines for a couple of years. We did everything from pack up everything into boxes to moving out of state. I actually liked that job! but Realized I could not dfo it forever. ( running up and down stairs is tough on your knees!) It was a good skill to learn though because belive it or not, there is a knack to moving furniture. ( tables on their side, sofas on their front etc.) remember to remove the book shelves before moving the bookcase! Oh and tied down your hide-a-bed sofa! ( everyone has one....right?)

Abraham Lincoln said...

I Probably missed it but where are you moving to? Florida is the only place these rooms are unheated and called, "Florida" rooms.

I like the cat in the box. Also like the pictures. I found a couple of pictures that look like coloring book pictures too and they make me look kind of odd. I guess I will have to publish them.


Roses and Lilacs said...

I know moving is a huge job. Hope it goes smoothly.

I make coloring books for my niece. I like to include people she knows but in your case, objects are probably best. I like the photos. You did an excellent job. What program did you use on those?

Susie said...

Lisa-I must of missed a post about you moving. I wish you all the luck with that. I do not enjoy it at all!

Any house with a large kitchen is an asset. Sounds great!

That is a great picture of the hawk and the moon. You are such a great photographer!

Oh, and happy birthday to your son.

fishing guy said...

Lisa: Beat wishes with the move and I hope you settle in well.
That Moon photo and the hawk photo are reall neat. You are lucky to get to see those hawks.

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Abe. No, I'm not about to move back to Florida! We are taking my mother's rental house, which, thank goodness, is only a mile away. Chuck fell in love with that house the first time he ever saw it, which was in 2002 when my stepfather passed away. I promise I will get some pics of it. I will have my own trees, 3 maple and one cherry. I will also have the security of having a police officer living next door!

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Marnie. The program I used for those particular coloring book pics was the software that came with my Kodak Easyshare camera. I now have Photoshop which also does coloring book. The hawk in a previous post was done with that one, I just didn't remove the color from it.

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Where about in Hartford is this rental house?

We live in the blue house right across the street from the Police Station, the one with the fence in the front yard and the ramp beside it, corner or Walnut and North Street.

You pass it every time you head to marsh, unless you live up by conger or any other street north of North Street.


Middle Ditch said...

Happy birthday to your son. I just love that moon picture and your cat-in-the-box made me smile.

Reader Wil said...

Happy birthday Michael! And many happy years to come.
So you are moving soon. It's always a hectic time. I wish you good luck. I like your drawings! And the hawk is great. Difficult to take a photo like that!. Your cat is just waiting and seeing what's going to happen. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Reader Wil said...

Thank Lisa! Yea, we sent in our entry and comment at the same time
I also like the windmills and wrote several times about them, as I live quite near them.

nikkicrumpet said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!! And I'm loving the idea of "rich sleep" lol...I'm all over that!

lisaschaos said...

Moving is no fun! I hope it goes smoothly though. :) I think I too could kill silk plants but so far I am keeping a few plants alive and semi-healthy.

Happy Birthday Michael! Would you believe I have a son named Mikal too? We Lisa's tend to think alike I suppose. :) Mine will be 21 in December.

Merle said...

Dear Lisa ~~ Happy Birthday to Michael -
I hope he has a great day. You will be glad when the move is over and you are settled in. You are licky to be able to do it in several trips and not just one big move. Thanks for your comments and I am glad you enjoyed the jokes. Take care and don't overdo - Love, Merle.

Gretchen said...

Great photos! Love the moon shot the most.

Hope your son had a wonderful birthday!

Jeanette said...

Hi Lisa, Great shot of the hawk taking off,and the Moon with the tree slashes across it, wonderful photography..
ooopppps love your sketches I can only draw stick figures,,LOl..
have a great weekend

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Jen. Those pics actually aren't sketches. They are done on the computer from an actual photograph. I did them on the Kodak program that came with my old camera, but you can also do them on Photoshop. It is called coloring book.

GMG said...

Hi Lisa! Too busy, I see...Anyhow, the pictures of the hawk and the moon are stunning!
Meanwhile Blogtrotter just said goodbye to Mykonos 2007!! It shows the famous sunset scene at Little Venice, and the Pelican mascot of the island… ;)
Hope you enjoy, comment and have a great weekend!

Rick said...

Moving is the pits. What about the racoons?

And I just have to say, don't be so hard on yourself. The sleep thing is working just fine.

Steven said...

Happy Birthday to Michael ! -I along with especially satisfaction reading your blog and looking these beautiful photographs .
For you. I want all the best
Steven May

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Happy birthday and fantastic shots as ever - love the shot of the moon

Lib said...

Hi Lisa,
Happy belated to Michael!
Hope you're doing good. I've missed my visits!
Hope your Mom is improving!
Have a great wk!

Steven said...

Lisa long time I was not here. I wish you a nice weekend and i hope so that everything will be okay - sends greetings to you - Steven May

Nancy said...

Happy belated Birthday to Michael!