Friday, July 11, 2008

Could Somebody Please Turn Off The Furnace Outside!

This heat and humidity is just getting ridiculous!
Lori and I went out for a couple of hours this afternoon to shoot some pictures. We started at Grandpa's place. We went out around the woods, not directly into the woods. Shot some wild flowers, dragonflies and trees.

Some of the wild flowers that I had taken pictures of last week had already died off. We walked back up toward the house. Shot a few flowers there, then some of the old stuff in the barn, and out in the yard.

Then we went out to the pasture where Lori is keeping 4 of her horses for the summer. Took a few shots there as well.

After I had been home a while, Chuck started cutting potatoes to make french fries. He was using one of those all-purpose slicers with the inter changeable blades. He managed to take a small chunk out of the tip of his finger! UGGGHHH! Seeing as I had an empty stomach when this happened, I about lost it! I get queezy very easily and almost passed out! I am scared to death of sharp kitchen knives because of an incident when I was about 4 years old. He went through several bandages before it finally stopped bleeding. He acted like it was no big deal! If the injury had been caused another way and I did not have an empty stomach, this never would have bothered me. Call me crazy! I'm going to get off here now. Everybody have a good weekend and hopefully I will see you tomorrow.
Abe and Patty, Happy Anniversary and many more!
Love Ya


Azoid said...

No prob, I just lowered the thermostat and it should start snowing by early next week. Sorry for the inconvenience! From, Sue in Greenland

raccoonlover1963 said...

Thank you, Sue. It's starting to cool down already! Oh, wait, that's the air conditioner! My bad! Thanks for the visit. Hope you liked it.

raccoonlover1963 said...

Sue, I just tried to visit your blog, but was unable to gain access.

Kumpulan Terbuang said...

I like the tree and the horses, wild and beautiful!

Lydia said...

These are really sweet shots of your walk. LOVE that dragonfly and the green bug on the bright green leaf, and those horses are so beautiful. Nice close-up of the one.
Just reading about your husband's cut made me cringe. That's the kind of cut that hurts for a long time into the healing process.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lisa,

I get up early, as you probably know, and this morning around 3:30 AM I was in my office, turned the air on and then I keep a daily notebook journal and have for many years, so the first thing I do every morning after the computer comes on is see what the temperature is. It was 74.

Anyway, the page, yesterday, was full so I picked up the notebook to write the above and there was a white envelope and my name on it.

Inside was a card that said:

With Love to My Husband

Inside it said...

Dear Abe,

If I could

fall in love

all over again,

I know I'd still

fall in love with you.

Happy Anniversary



That made me tear up...

So, I went to my wife, asleep in her recliner (she cannot lay down to sleep) and woke her up and gave her a kiss and thanked her.

Then in the journal I wrote...

Got 53rd Wedding Anniversary card from Patty. Almost cried.

12th. 74 degrees at 3:29 AM - 83477

That means today, our 53rd wedding anniversary it is 74 at 3:29 and we had 83477 visitors to my Brookville photo blog since I joined.

And back to your blog and your lens and your pictures and your visits to my blog.

I do like your photographs and am stunned that you are able to get close-ups with the 75-300mm lens. I know it can be done but for me it takes a tripod and an infrared shutter release on a bright day. Your work looks very nice.

I love the Mason canning jars and wish I had those we used during world war two. What memories are associated with them.

I think your horses pictures are second to none. And I really like the group photo of them.

Have a nice weekend and thanks for the visits.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

LOL Lisa that last pic of Lori is now one of my favorite pics of her, I saw the shot as you did but you were at a better angle and had your camera in hand and I was hoping you had seen it and captured it. Love it love it love it!!!

Sorry about Chuck's finger yuk, I am not good in those situations either, normally ends up that I am the one carted off to the emergency room LOL.

Sue thanks for turning the thermostat down for us, it is overcast and raining and really quite pleasant today!!!!!!!

Reader Wil said...

Reading this Lisa, about the tip of your husband's finger, makes me queezy too. I am glad I didn't become a doctor or a nurse!!
Such a pity that you have such a heat wave overthere. Here it rains every second day and it's rather cold for the time of year!

Fugazi said...

Hi. Hope it cools down soon. I loved your photos of the horses. I need to find some horses around here. They are so lovely to take pictures of. As usual we have a sky full of strange clouds here today. I really have never noticed it before - but after I became a "skywatcher" I must say they are facinating. could be I will add some new shots today. My memorycard has been renamed here now, its now called my heaven-card. Have a beautiful weekend. My vacation started today - 3 weeks of relaxing, funparks, and trips with our boat - I love it:)

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Sounds like the time I was using my new Tupperware peeler, it was SHARP, I sliced the skin off the side of my middle finger, it wouldn't stop bleeding, went to Urgent Care, it was a Sunday, they gave me a shot, sprinkled some kind of powder on it and bandaged it. Came home and was finishing making these little foil packets of sliced potatoes and onions to put on the grill, and our daughter found the piece of skin laying on a potato, everyone said throw that package out, I said, I'll eat it, so I picked the skin off, folded the foil over and made sure it was marked so I would be served that packet when finished.

Thanks for the Anniversary wishes. It's pouring down rain at the moment.

GMG said...

Hi Lisa!
Sorry for that weather, but if you wish to get better you probably have to try Lisbon, Portugal or, since we are in the holiday season, to the Algarve... lol!
Lovely pictures, anyhow! ;)
The skies are stunning, and the vulture is awesome!
Thanks for your comments on Blogtrotter, now at the Michigan Law School! Left a reply to your last comment there!
Hope you take pleasure in it and wish you a great week!

For The People said...

Excellent post and photos! Very hot here too!