Thursday, July 17, 2008

Short And Sweet Part 2

I told you I would post more today, although I said this morning instead of this afternoon. Well, at least it's the same day! The flower above is a blossom from the old feline favorite, Catnip! My cat loves it. In fact, any mint in the house he goes nuts over. Catnip is part of the mint family. I used to pick the leaves off the catnip when I was a kid and chew on it. My grandmother is the one who showed me that it is safe. Back to my cat. He is so bad about it that I cannot set a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream down and walk away. He will be into it. And if you don't rinse the toothpaste or mouthwash down the sink after brushing your teeth, he will be up there eating it. And if I make the mistake of leaving my purse unzipped where I have my gum stashed, he will pull the pack of gum out and get into it! He's mental! LOL
This is just another old barn, close to where I took the picture of the barn from last night's post. I love the delapidated buildings. You sometimes wonder how some of them are still standing. My grandfather's barn had the entire east wall missing for years. I don't ever remember seeing the barn with that wall. I only have an old arial shot of the farm that was taken back in the 40's or 50's. Grandpa isn't really sure when it was taken. Only 2 of the structures in that arial photo still stand. The shed, which is what I now call the barn. I put a pic of it in a few days ago. And the old corn crib. I have a couple pics of that, but haven't done anything with them yet.
A couple of little sparrows at the bird bath. I found a new perch for myself to take pictures of the bird feeder area without disturbing the birds. Michael thought I was completely off my rocker when he saw me there yesterday. I was in the bathroom with my left foot on the bath tub and my right foot on the toilet. I have to be up high enough so I can shoot through just a window and avoid the screen. Lori thought I was nuts too, even though she didn't say so.
This looks to be a juvenile male blue jay. I only say this because of his head. I've never seen a blue jay with a head that looks like this. Or is it maybe a female? Abe, you would probably know the answer to this one. Is it a juvy or a female?
Then, the late afternoon sky. I thought the clouds looked kinda neat. But nothing compared to Fugazi's cloud shots!
I'm gonna call it quits for now. See if I can go out and find something to take more pictures of. I'm gonna have to get a whole new computer just to hold all the pictures I've been taking! I have never taken so many pictures in my life as I have with the camera my cousin gave me.
Hopefully I'll have more to post tonight. Please don't be mad at me if I don't :(, or I will cry! LOL
Love Ya


ArleneWKW said...

Very cool photos. I'd never seen a pic of catnip before nor knew anything about it beyond ifs effect on cats. A digital camera has me taking many many more photos than previously.

Lydia said...

We have flocks of scrub blue jays at our house, and I've never seen one that looks like the one in your photo. Could it possibly be crossed with a pigeon?

Lib said...

I Love your photo's! Ilove old barn, gorw herbs.Catnip is a wonderful herb.
Hope you have a great evening.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Very nice Blue Jay shot!!!! Hey why would I laugh you had me standing on your diningroom chairs yesterday photographing that squirrel through the window LOL. I have done some very strange things to get a shot so dont worry it is all part of the photography bug LOL.

See ya tomorrow hopefully if we dont boil before then.

Katie said...

Wow you're from Indiana, and we're about the same age! I spent K-5 in Crawfordsville, and was on a swim team as a kid so I swam in meets all over Indiana. I specifically remember Muncie, which I think is right near you! It would be too funny if you swam AAU too. I can't wait to go through your archives of photos; I need an Indiana fix!

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Katie. Thanks for visiting. You are right. I am about 15 to 20
miles north of Muncie. Unfortunately, I was never on any kind of swim team. My only swimming was at the city pool across the street from where I grew up.
When I lived in Florida, I always needed an Indiana fix. Whether it be pictures, talking to somebody from here, getting hold of a certain brand of potato chip that was native to Indiana. Seyfert's BBQ chips were the best. Then, the Fort Wayne based company sold out to a company in either New Jersey, or Pennsylvania. I can't remember which. The chips have never been the same since! And then of course, there is always your favorite pizza place. Mine was Pizza King. Every time I came home for a visit, I had to go to Pizza King with my friends!

Fugazi said...

Hi, just popped in to say hello before I get started editing my clouds from this week, Thanx for the compliment in your blog - your shots are great as always. As for the photocontest - I came in 4th... so better luck next time. Ok, I have to get moving on the editing now, you will see the results later:))

Anonymous said...

All the birds are beginning their molting process. I noticed our Blue Jays have that combed back hair style right now. It won't be long until they lose the feathers and end up with pin feathers on their heads which makes them look very strange.

As far as telling male from female in Blue Jays, not even the experts can do that. There is only one difference and that is on the breast of the female there is an egg spot where the female will put her egg spot (bare skin) against an egg to warm it faster than through the rest of the feathers. This is almost impossible to see if she is not on the nest.

Nice photos.

I just wanted to say, I read your comments with interest and am glad that you seem to enjoy what I post. Thank you.

Abraham Lincoln
—Brookville Daily Photo.

Anonymous said...

excuse me, come with you rest your soul .... to strengthen the source of beauty and dreams simply to enjoy. It's not a sin, is not it. greeting and a pleasant weekend