Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's The Weekend!!!!!!!

I went up to the courthouse yesterday to take some pictures of Superior Court. I really thought it was neat, because it is so nostalgic looking. The courthouse was built in 1893-1894, and is the tallest building in Blackford County. I took this first picture out the south window from the landing between the 2nd and 3rd floors. Superior Court is located on the 3rd floor.
This is a shot of the judge's bench, taken from the gallery.
This is a shot of the audience gallery. Note how old the seats are. They kind of remind me of the old movie theater seats.
This is a shot of the gallery from behind the bench.
This mural is located on the second floor. The middle is the county and the four to either corner are the county's four townships. Washington, Harrison, Licking and Jackson. Lori and I both live in Licking Township.

Today was back to my yard pics. I caught these 2 crazy squirrels in the bird feeder at the same time. The birds are usually content to stay on the ground and eat as the squirrels knock a lot of seed out.
I had to take this out the kitchen window. I washed all my windows today. The one in the kitchen, I took the screen out because one of my hummer feeders is outside it and the screen hinders picture taking.
Poor Salem got his quarterly bath this evening. He actually doesn't mind it. He's not to crazy about the lathering up, but he likes the rinsing off. I use the hand-held shower and put it on massage. It feels good to him, plus it gets the shampoo out faster. Yes, another lilly picture. I just wanted to show you what I do to these pics. The one on top is shown as shot.
This one is the exact same picture, but I over-contrasted it to get this effect. As you can see, the original pic is slightly blurred toward the top. So rather than deleting the pic, I did something different with it to make it still useful.
Gonna go for now. I have a family reunion to go to at noon tomorrow, then I have to work from 4 to 7. :( Hopefully, I'll see you tomorrow.
Love Ya


Jeanette said...

Hi Lisa. Lovely photos of the Court house.and its interior and the scales of justice behind judge's bench .. Oh I bet those old chairs could tell some stories..
Have a great day at the reunion...

Hendrawan said...

great court!

hei, look, what happen to your cat's eyes?..

Fugazi said...

Hi Lisa, cool pictures of birds again and I must say I wish i had your backyard...We are going to a party tonight and i am pretty sure I will not manage any new pics today - maybe tomorrow if i dont have a to bad day know...

Have a wonderful weekend...whats left of it anyway..

raccoonlover1963 said...

Nothing happened to Salem's eye. It's just the way the flash from the camera hit it. His head was turned just enough that it didn't get the other eye.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Great photos of the court house and all. I bet the cat loves the massage part of the shower, it probably does feel good. I know most cats don't care too much for water on them.

Have a great week-end.

Lib said...

Another great Blog!I Love your photo's.
Hope you have a Great wk.end!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi Lisa
Great pics of the courtroom, I will have to see if I can arrange a visit too I would love to potter around that old building and take some pictures.

Love the two different squirrel varieties on the feeder that is classic and the cardinal is great. All the birds start losing their colorful feathers soon. I spoke with a guy who has peacocks last night and he said that his males are starting to lose those beautiful feathers, I still need to photograph the ones you got for me from your Mom.

Poor Salem he looks so miserable LOL. Nice manipulation of the flower shot.

Sorry I missed you this morning but I took the junk that I have been driving around with on the back of my truck for a week now, to the scrapyard and there were about 20 cars ahead of me!!!! So I sat sweltering in the truck waiting my tyrn aand by the time I got finished there yuo would have probably left already. Larry didn't tell me you phoned, well he said I had missed a call but I assumed it was him trying to get me but my cell was at home charging. He didn't say it was from you so I misunderstood him.

Hope the reunion went well even though you couldnt be there long and maybe one day soon we will get together soon.

ArleneWKW said...

Wow, Lisa. You sure get a lot accomplished before noon. I love the court house pictures. They do have a nostalgic look to them. The red bird interests me because I don't see such birds around where I live. My black cat, Daisy, looks like your cat, but I wouldn't dare give her a bath. The photo effects of the 2 flowers is interesting to me.

André Lemay said...

Like the picture of the court house, must have seen a lots of trials. Have a good weekend.

Katie said...

Great old brick courthouse! And since I used to have a red pickup truck, I like that too! Tell Salem I'm sorry that I laughed when I saw his bath photo. I can't believe he'd stand still for that! Hope your reunion is filled with laughter and good food!

Lydia said...

We got the cedar trellis ladder up on the Sequoia today! Yea! It looks cute and inviting, so let's hope the raccoons use it. We can add more around the tree if they don't go for this.
I left a message for you in reply to yours over at my won't repeat it here.
Have a happy family reunion!

Lydia said...


p.s. I really love those photos inside the court house. I appreciate your love for the old place and thanks for sharing these views of it.

Abraham Lincoln said...

A busy lady. Busy, reminds me of my mom. She was always doing something. I like the squirrels picture. Neat rear ends. Same model, different color.

I also like your court house photos. I had not thought of doing that at Greenville which I still consider Darke County my home. It has some really old goats in frames on the walls.

Abraham Lincoln
—Brookville Daily Photo

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I used to have a set of those old chairs that look like movie seats in my family room. Eventually I put them in the shop and sold them. I have a big pot of catnip on the deck and my cat has never gone near it as far as I know. She's a funny little cat. Have fun at the reunion.

Nancy said...

Nice pics of the courthouse! Yes, those old seats reemind me of the old theater seats when I was a kid!

Nice that the squirrels were balancing the feeder! They just go for certain seeds like sunflower seeds and knock out so many. I love squirrels myself but so many people don't! The way I look at it is that they all have to eat! Looks like they were showing their butts for you! LOL

I didn't know you had a cat! Oh, I love him!!! Mine don't mind a bath....guess they are used to them by now! I have 33 total, all indoors! But I have them separated...12 ferals in my large laundry room, 7 tame ones and 1 feral in my office here, and then 13 in my living area! I work all the time keeping my house clean and cats fed and scooped! LOL

I lived in Muncie for a year back in '87-'88, but we decided to come back to SC where our children are. Had a new home built there and in it just 17 days when I told hubby (now my ex) that I wanted to move back to SC. We had put our daughter on a plane to return to SC 2 days after Christmas and that about killed me! Then the following week, we had to put our son on a plane to return to Clemson University and that was the straw that broke the camel's back for me! So I've been in SC ever since. Originally, I am from PA but born in NY state.

Thanks for dropping by!

(((((( HUGS ))))))