Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Unwanted News

The good news is that there were no birds killed today. The bad news is that I spoke to Kim at Perdue University wildlife concerns department. After telling her of my findings, her conclusion was that it isn't a weasel, as weasels will go for the throat and drain the blood. No, what she told me is the one thing I did not want to hear. She says it's the raccoon doing it. I'm bound and determined to prove her wrong. I don't want to get rid of the raccoon. It took forever to get one to come around. My favorite animal in the world! I'm going to keep watching the feeder area. I hope there are no more killings, but if so, I want to catch the culprit red-pawed, or red-clawed, whichever the case may be.
I went out to my grandfather's today to work in the garden. Only got about half of my side done with weeding. As I told you in one of my first blogs, I had transplanted 31 volunteer tomato plants. All 31 are thriving. Tomatoes anybody!? I'm going to have to open a vegetable stand if they produce well! I'll have to go back out tomorrow and finish. I also want to get out to his woods and see if there are any raspberries to pick. He has vines all over the place. I just hope the deer haven't eaten them all. I want raspberry jelly!
He has a really pretty Sweetpea growing at the side of his garage. Had to get a shot of it.
Then I took a picture of a really prety horse while I was driving home. My son, Michael, thought I was nuts! Yeah, I am. What's his point! LOL
Gonna leave you for now. Have a good evening/morning. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow.
Thank you again to everybody who has visited my blog. I really appreciate it.
Love Ya


Carla Flocken said...

Your father's property sounds fantastic. I wish California was more like that. We plant gardens in little spaces in our yard or in home built planter boxes. There is no room for much. Everytime I visit family in the midwest or east coast, I remember what life should be all about. To bad out here it's easy to forget all of that and only think about work, work, gym, work, work and maybe some sleep every now and then. I'm trying desparetly to change that cycle in our house. Anyway, I loved your blog today. I'll love to hear what becomes of the little racoon and his birdies? I hope it was a weezle, but racoons are animals and they need food too. I do know they like bird snacks. I donated a big fat duck to some precious racoon. It was sad at the time, but I will still love the racoons that I met up close and personal. Keep on blogging. I love your thoughts and photos.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

We haven't had a garden in years, we do plant a couple of tomato plants, but that's it. When kids were all at home I use to can green beans, tomatoes, beets, corn, made my own pickles, but no more. Not for just the two of us. Very time consuming, especially since I only had the old fashion canner, you put the jars into the water, brought the whole kettle to a boil and they had to simmer so many hours before removing the jars. I understand they have something now that works like a pressure cooker. Well probably if I tried using something like that I would be cleaning beans off the ceiling.

Nice looking horse. You're not crazy, only our kids think we're crazy. LOL

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

The garden looks great, I will have to visit it in person ne day soon LOL.

No we photographer types are not crazy although when people see us laying on the side of the road on our stomaches taking a picture of a flower or a piece of barbed wire or whatever has caught our attention it may appear so!!!!

Nice shots, love the sweetpea.