Sunday, July 20, 2008

Family Reunion

Hello everybody. Sorry I have been so slack in posting. Yesterday(Saturday) was the Towns' family reunion. Unfortunately, not a lot of people were able to show up. All the remaining elder Towns' were there. My uncles Lyle, Dee, Earl and aunt June. My father, Neil and my aunt Lavetha are no longer with us. My grandmother's sister Betty was there with her oldest daughter, Darlene. My cousins Lyle Dean(Deedle)(He'd kill me if he knew I put that in there! ), Sharon and Ralph. It was terribly hot, and we were outside. I did manage to go down to the pond and take a few pictures. Most of the pics I took at the pond were of the dragonflies. They were everywhere! There was also evidence that Peapot was shedding his beautiful tail feathers. The kids found them all over the barn yard and around the pond. When Chuck got in from Cleveland on Friday, he was handed the key to his newer truck. The old one is a day cab. They are going to start using it only for hauling grain. The new one is a condo and he absolutely loves it. It was already part of the company fleet. Before Smith bought it, it was used as a Nascar transporter. He's having to do some major cleaning on it though. The previous driver was NOT a very clean person.
I know this starling is totally unrelated to the happenings of the day. I took the picture yesterday, so, might as well be part of the day's post! Abe, does the speckled belly on this guy mean he is juvenile, like the robin?
After the reunion, I had to come home, shower and go to work :( Chuck wants me to quit working there because they are jerking me around with hours. I only got 7 hours this week and 10 hours for the week coming up. Not worth my time. They told me it's because I don't scan fast enough. Whatever! The customers like me because I take the time to keep their groceries relatively organized in the cart. (they bag their own groceries at our store). If they want me to start throwing stuff into the cart just to make it faster, too bad! Aren't I just such a witch!? I really want to find another job first before I quit this one, even though Chuck makes decent money with this company. Okay, enough ranting and raving! LOL
Well, that's about it for tonight. I will now go around and visit your posts. Hope to see you tomorrow.
Love Ya


ArleneWKW said...

Again, I very much like your pictures. I like the way you sign and date them. The one with in which the view of the pond is seen filtered through the brush especially appeals to me.

The reunion looks like fun.

Not knowing how many you'll be working from week to week seems stressful. I hope you're able to find some place where management appreciates you more.

fishing guy said...

Lisa: Fun picnic photos and I enjoyed your dragonflies. The pond must be a fun place to go.

Lib said...

Looks like a fun time.
Congrats on the new truck:o)
Love the photos!Have agreat wk.

André Lemay said...

Nice set of pictures; I like those that you took at the pond. Maybe because I more partial to nature photo :)

For The People said...

Looks like things went well at the reuion. It has been a crazy week end. But I am back. Have a great day!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hey Lisa
Another nice variety of pics, love the dragon flies and catstail (we called them bullrushes where I come from). Great that some of the family were able to get together.

I think that is a juvenile Robin but Abe will know for sure.

Dan said...

Lisa, looks like a fun reunion. You are lucky to have family and friends all around you like that! Count your blessings.

I got a hugh laugh out of your "About me", specifically your comment about the glam shot. I love people who don't take themselves too seriously!

Lydia said...

Those photos down at the pond are exquisite! When I see a dragonfly around here it is a BIG deal.
The family shots look so Americana. Your job, on the other hand, does not seem like sweet Americana. I hope you find another one that suits you better. :)

Nancy said...

Hi Lisa!

Gee, I am behind in reading your blog! And I wondered how I missed so many of your posts. Then I discovered that I hadn't added yours to my blogroll! So I just added it! I won't miss any more now!

The Town Reunion sounded like fun! Must be you live in a small town. I was raised in a small town where everyone knew everyone else, but here, I go into the city and rarely ever run into anyone I know! LOL I see you're from IN. I used to live in Muncie, but just for a year. Hubby was transferred with Ball Corp. but he left the company, and we moved back to SC to be near our kids. One was out of college, and the other one was still in college at that time. It was hard to leave them when we moved there, but had to keep the job!

Your photos are beautiful! Your fresh green beans look sooooo good! I used to cook them with potatoes and then add a little milk and butter to the pot and cooking water. My kids loved them that way. My mother used to cook them like that for us that same way when we were kids. Funny how you do things the way you mom did, huh?

Sorry I missed your posts! I have a LOT of catching up to do as I read well ovewr 50 now. I haven't even counted them lately, just keep adding more! LOL

(((((( HUGS ))))))