Friday, July 4, 2008

Playing In The Garden

Yesterday and the day before, Michael and I went out to weed the garden. Of course, I did all the gardening, while Michael found stuff to get into. Yesterday, after I finished with the garden, I got a couple of plastic ice cream pails out of the truck. Michael and I went walking back along the lane toward the woods to pick raspberries. There were a few bushes along the lane, but most were difficult to get to, especially while wearing shorts! OUCH! Thorns like crazy. Michael got way ahead of me looking for more vines. The next thing I hear is Michael hollering, "Mom, there's a huge tree full of raspberries over here." I got to where he was. It was a tree full of berries, all right, but it was mulberries. We decided that since there was way more mulberries available than raspberries, we picked mulberries instead. We kept the raspberries we had. We walked quite a way back. Several twists and turns along the path.
Either Grandpa or the guy who works his fields keeps the path to the woods mowed down. So much simpler on the legs! No snarls or tangles to trip over, and I'm the clutz that would manage it! lol We went as far as we could in the one direction and found a few more mulberry trees.
There was also a grave marker there. I had been told there were some back there, but had never seen it. The family name was Sprague. I have no idea who they were and neither does Grandpa. There was no date on the one stone that remained. There had been several. Years ago, Cecil Beeson, the county historian at the time, had come and got a couple of the headstones and relocated them to a real cemetary. The others had been destroyed or stolen, from what I understand. Today, I went over to my mother's house to try to help her get the downstairs of the house cleaned up. Family reunion coming up on July 19. Of course, I took the camera with me. They live out in the country in Montpelier.
They also have 4 peafoul. 1 hen and 3 males. Peapot is the oldest of the males. And the only one with the large fan tail, the other 2 are still not old enough. He was in front of the truck as I was driving in the driveway. Almost as if he were daring me to keep going forward. He likes our truck because of all the crome bumpers. Those are his "mirrors"!
They also have a lot of barn swallows there. A couple has a nest in the rafters of the downstairs porch. Right above the walkway. If you're not careful, SPLAT! There are a few babies in the nest, but I couldn't tell how many. We are going out to Aunt Pat's for dinner and fireworks tomorrow night,(okay, tonight).
Everybody have a good evening/morning and hopefully, I'll see you tonight.
Oh yeah, almost forgot. The death toll is 9. None today, but one day before.
Good night
Love Ya


GMG said...

Hi Lisa! Lovely walk, great pictures, wonderful post!
Thanks for your comment on Blogtrotter!
Wish you a great 4th of July and wonderful weekend!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Looks and sounds like you had a nice outing yesterday, I don't know about where you're at, but it's raining here in Ohio, we're about 22 or so miles from Richmond, Ind. And the temp is dropping it's now 59 degrees. Looks like rain all day, so that will put a damper on a lot of family picnics and fireworks. Have a great day.

Reader Wil said...

I enjoyed walking with you in your garden and picking berries reminded me of the time my husband and I stayed with Australian friends in Cornwall, UK. We went out in the fields to pick blackberries, which grew there in abundance. It was a sunny day and the weather was lovely in September.

raccoonlover1963 said...

It's so peaceful and, for the most part, quiet going out to the woods. The highway is less than a quarter of a mile away, so you hear the traffic. But you also hear a lot of birds. The next time I go out there, I'm leaving Michael at home. He kept saying, "can we go now?", "I'm bored." He drove me nuts. I could have picked a lot more berries if he hadn't been so impatient!
Thanks for the comments everybody!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Sounds like an ideal quiet calm day for the most part. I am having visions of all those tomato plants still and canning jars!!!!

Thanks for taking me shopping today ((((Hugs))))