Thursday, July 17, 2008

Short And Sweet

I'm sorry this is going to be so short. I will post more in the morning. I have already nodded off a time or two waiting for my pictures to transfer from my camera to my computer. It's harvest time for the wheat. On my way to Grandpa's this morning, I saw that they had cut the wheat from this field, and bailed what remained.
I went driving around this afternoon for a short while and came across this barn and silo. I had never been down this particular road before. I like looking for old, delapidated or unique barns to photograph. This one caught my eye.
These two pics are from the same field as the first pic.
This is a new pic of Grandpa's Sweetpeas. I know I posted one not too long ago, but I have a bad habit of taking several pictures of the same things.
Lori came over for a while this afternoon. We went to the store to get a couple things, then she hung out here for a while trying to get some good shots of these crazy squirrels. I hope you got some good ones, Lori!
As I said, I will post again in the morning when I am actually awake! LOL
Thank you to all my new visitors. I hope I caught everybody's blogs and left comments. I apologize if I missed anybody.
Love Ya


Jeanette said...

Hi Lisa. Im back great Photo's love the trailer full of hayand the sweet pea...Jen

Lydia said...

Lisa, my sister has lived in Indiana for over 20 years and I'm seeing more pictures of the countryside at your blog than she's ever sent! A beautiful landscape caught beautifully by your camera.

Lib said...

Beautiful photo's.I too Love old barns!
HAve agreat day!

Carla Flocken said...

What a beautiful area you are in. I don't think we have barns and cilos out here :( If we do...I'm going to find it. Anyway, it's neat to see what beautiful things you have out where you're at...they are so different from So. California. We have a lot of cement & cars! Tooooo much cement & cars! Great weather...but not much space!

André Lemay said...

Great photos. You are earlier then us in cutting hay, we'll have to wait another week or 2.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Lisa, So nice to have you visit. I love the photos of the wheat bales. Ours was done two weeks ago and I always love to see the bales in the field before they are taken to the barns. I hope you get some corn too. The last couple of years the deer just ruined our small garden even with all the "stay away deer" methods we tried, so this year everything was planted up on the deck. I purchased some really large, long planters this past Spring and used them. Every thing looks great. We used to have a raccoon that would come up on the deck and tap on the family room window for food. He would gently take a peanut butter cracker from my fingers. :)

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Lynn. Thanks for visiting me. I am so jealous that you had a raccoon to do that. I have recently had a raccoon come up after midnight or so. She eats the cat food I put out and I bought her some marshmallows. I think she got burned out on the marshmallows though. Maybe I'll try come crunchy Cheetos. The raccoons I used to feed in Florida(before they made it illegal)used to love the Cheetos. One of them would come right up to me and take it out of my hand. I loved it!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, is so nice you know,Your posts are great. This has a special meaning, because it represents the struggle for food ... the fight against hunger. As the image says, harvest is finished - is stored vintage Congratulations on this wonderful post

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hey Lisa
I had a good time yesterday, despite the heat sitting there under the trees watching the squirrels is has a calming effect on me. I did get a few pretty good ones I think which I will post tonight (Thursday) I missed posting last night)

Nice variety of shots again, I wish I could get hold of a couple hundred of those bales of straw for the winter to use as bedding for the horses but they want a rediculous price for them. Maybe I can find some cheaper around $1 a bale or at the most $2, there is so much straw being baled at the moment you would think they would be only too glad to get rid of it. Unfortunately it has no nutritional value for the horses even though most of my horses do eat it!!