Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Better Day

Good evening! We had quite a bit of rain this morning. I t didn't last very long, but it came down hard. Our back yard was under water for a few hours trying to give the ground time to soak up the water dumped on it.
Thank goodness, no dead birds today. I hope whatever it was just decided to move on. Before and after the rain, there were several birds out at the feeder. It had to be filled twice today. You would think they would be leary of what had happened, but they were all flocked out there. I'm glad. I love to watch my birds and to think that something was killing them agrivates me.
Abe, I know you suggested that they may have flown into a dark window after getting spooked by a large bird, but all the bodies were found at least ten to fifteen feet away from the house. And that was the closest. Others were into my next door neighbor's yard. A friend suggested that I contact somebody at the county agriculture office and ask them.
We were really busy at work today. You would have thought it was the beginning of the month and everybody got their foodstamps or their monthly government checks. It usually isn't that busy unless it's the beginning of the month. I picked up my schedule for next week. What a joke! Nine hours for the week! Gee, I hope they don't go broke! Still keep those fingers crossed that I get a call from the doctor's office I applied at. I really want to get back into that line of work. It's actually a challenge, as opposed to scanning food and putting it into the shopping cart. Don't get me wrong, I love talking to the customers. That's how I met Lori and I get to see old friends.
I took a few pictures today, while the weather permitted. Most were taken from inside the house, so I apologize if there is a slight glare to the pics!
Thank you to my new visitors. I was worried that nobody would visit my blog, especially since I'm new at it.
Everybody have a good evening, day, rest of weekend. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow.


Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I never get tired of watching my birds and horses even the common house sparrows, the way they interact and their behaviour. I can spend hours doing that especially in a peaceful garden like you have with lots of trees.

Carla Flocken said...

Am glad you have some new feathered friends visiting. Great pictures, by the way!

I hope you get your Doctor's office job too! How in the world can anyone survive on 9 hours? It would be nice every once in a while...with a vacation check, but not just because.

I finally got around to writing my racoon story. Sorry it's long. You can skip through the boring parts though! Keep Blogging, I love your stuff!

reader Wil said...

That looks strange, that so many birds should die! Did you discover yet what could have been the cause of it? Thanks for your visit. I just arrived home and am now answering all