Friday, June 27, 2008

Quiet Day

As usual, not much happened today. Chuck got into Montpelier about 9:30 this morning, but had a lot of running to do between dropping part of his truckload at the warehouse where he works, taking some to GripCo, which is directly behind the company he works for. Then running back and forth between his company and Indiana Veneer. So he didn't get home til around 1:00 this afternoon. We had planned on going for breakfast at Cracker Barrel, but getting home so late, we had late breakfast here, then had dinner at Cracker Barrel. That is my all-time favorite restaurant. We used to go all the time when we lived in Orlando. There was one close to the house near the airport.
I had to take Michael to get his hair cut today. When we got home, we found 2 more dead birds in the yard. I mistakenly said that the birds I found yesterday were sparrows. I don't know why I said that. I knew they weren't sparrows. They were black, possibly juvenile Grackles? But they were about the size of sparrows. The 2 I found today were sparrows. Same method of death. My neighbor told me he has found a couple of dead birds in his yard as well. He also told me that there is a Red-tail hawk living nearby. I haven't seen a hawk around the house this year. He also said that when he was clearing the weeded area behind the other neighbor's house, he found a couple of squirrel carcasses as well. I don't know if the hawk is the culprit or not. I always thought they swooped down and carried their prey away to the nest.
Again, sorry, no pictures taken today. Not a lot of animal activity in the yard today, and didn't go anywhere to take the camera. So you get more archive pics today.
Gonna get off here. I fell asleep on the couch last night watching TV. Woke back up around 2:00 this morning.
Everybody take care, have a good weekend and I'll hopefully see you tomorrow.


Abraham Lincoln said...

Red-tail, Coopers, or Sharp-shinned Hawks would leave nothing to see but some feathers, parts of the skull and possibly a foot. They eat the whole thing and don't waste time or energy just killing something.

There is the possibility that if you had feeders up close to your house that hawks flying in would scare the birds who take off in panic and fly towards dark places. A window looks like a safe place because it is dark looking and they fly there only to crash into the glass and break their necks if they are found dead. Those found alive may have a broken beak or a broken wing and in most instances the hawks know this and will pick them up and either eat them on the spot or fly off somewhere to eat them at their leisure.

If I had to guess I would say this is the reason for your dead birds. You can pull the venetian blinds if you have any or close lace curtains if you have them or anything to show the birds that this dark space isn't a bush to hide under.

Fat cats will also kill birds, especially young, and leave them without eating. They have no more room to put them.

Hope you have a nice weekend. We got some rain overnight. I missed it and slept right on through.

Abraham Lincoln said...

I answered this on my blog for you at Better Blog Writing. It gives you an idea of why some things seem to be more appealing on some sites but are seldom found on others.

Some people try to do this by putting on a slew of photos to keep people looking but a photo of a turkey on a table doesn't interest a lot of people, not even at Thanksgiving so one never knows which kind of photos to use. Writing has an appeal but only to some people. The rest could care less if there is more than captions to read under pictures. Our son is that way and still is at 51.

There is something in blog writing that is called, "Stickiness," and anything "Sticky" is something that stays a while and something people come back to. It is the most desired thing to put on a blog or even an entire Website if you are advertising something.

What it does, if you would be advertising something, is keep the reader there on the page where your ad is located.

They know a blog reader will be there at least long enough to read something or to admire the photograph.

Non-readers or admirers last less than 60 seconds on a page. So, these kinds of stories would be stickies to some and stupid to others. LOL

I like showing them now and then because they go into real newspapers with real circulations and are read by real people.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Good morning, well it's almost lunchtime. Went to Bob Evans for breakfast, had a gift card, then to WalMart since I had to buy a lot of paper and soap items and they seem to be the cheapest place around. Finally got things put away and now it's almost lunch time. Myself I'm still full from breakfast. We found a little bird in our yard, looked like something had pecked at the back of it's head, almost looked like it's brains had been pecked out, Abe thought perhaps one of the bigger Crackles or a Blue Jay had done it. Tomorrow we'll be doing two of our daughters Birthdays, it seems it's harder and harder getting the family all together. Plus as old as I'm getting, I think this Birthday dinner will have to stop soon. LOL it is very tiring. By the way I took the word verification off my comment section. Also you asked where I get some of the items I post, from friends and family that e-mail me items.

GMG said...

Beautiful pictures, wonderful blog!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Lisa I have just had a thought that we have had a lot of quick very windy tornadic type storms just about every day recently. Is it not possible that these squirrels and birds may be victims of those? I watched the wind a few storms ago move a double door refrigerator six or seven feet along our deck the wind was so strong, and it wasnt on wheels!!!! The squirrels suffer too because their nests are built up in the tree limbs and if they fall everything in them falls with it.

raccoonlover1963 said...

No, it's not from the winds either. When they have been killed, it has been still and the sun was out. Plus, most of their heads were gone or badly damaged. It was another bird or animal. But not a cat. They are never around in the day time when the killings have occured.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

In Zimbabwe we used to keep bantam chickens (smaller than the regular chickens) and they always roosted in the trees at night. We had an animal there called a Mongoose (quite a lot like a ferret or mink) and they used to climb the trees at night kill a chicken and only take the heads, leave the rest there. It used to make me so mad.