Monday, June 30, 2008

Wonderfully Chilly Evening

This is my favorite kind of evening. It 57 degrees F. I love cool evenings, especially at bed time. I want it to be chilly enough that I can snuggle under the covers. I can't stand it when it's so warm that I have to kick the covers off. I have never handled heat well, which makes me wonder why I stayed in Florida for 19 years! I hated the weather down there. You couldn't tell the different seasons unless you were looking at a calendar! lol
Now for the bad news. I found yet another dead sparrow today. I found it around 1:00 this afternoon. I picked him up in a plastic grocery bag and took him up to the Perdue Extension office. I talked to one of the girls there. She wasn't sure what did the killings, but the one conclusion she came to was a weasel. She called the University and left a message and told them to call me. They did call, but only after I had gone to work. So I will have to call them back tomorrow.
My raccoon just paid me a visit. It was eating the cat food I put out on the back step. I put it out for a couple of the neighborhood cats, but the raccoon is an added bonus. I believe it's a female. Not too terribly large. She was eating and I started talking to her through the screen of the computer room window. She stood up on her hind legs and looked right at me. She then wandered away. At least she didn't run off spooked! She is so cute!
I didn't go to the garden this morning, so I will have to go out there tomorrow morning, weather permitting. I had to work today, so that cut in on time. I am off until Sunday now!

I got a little bored while I was editing pics this evening. I went slightly overboard on the contrast of this geranium! Just slightly. lol I think it's kind of cool, but that's just me. I like weird things!

Gotta go for now. Everybody have a good evening/morning and hopefully I'll see you tomorrow.



reader Wil said...

Well I think the geranium is absolutely stunning! How do you do this?

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hello, reader wil. I put it on Photoshop originally because I had the wrong exposure set and I had used a flash, so it turned out too bright. I went to enhance, clicked on brightness and contrast. I lowered the brightness, but raised the contrast. I thought it turned out pretty cool!
Thanks for the visit

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Keep us posted on what they think are killing the birds. Why would a weasel kill it and not eat it?

For The People said...

That was a great post. THanks for stopping by my place.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I hope it is not your racoon but I have a horrible feeling that is may be, it may mean putting your bird feeder slightly higher up so it is less likely to be able to catch them.