Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Day With Cody

I finally got to have my grandson over for the day. Usually Ryan and Melissa bring him over and they visit for an hour or so then they leave. Yestarday, his Melissa's parents had a funeral to go to. They are the ones who keep Cody while the kids are working. Cody will be three in August. I was expecting him to be into absolutely everything! Surprisingly, he was very good. He did get, or try to get into a few things, but nothing big.
Just before 2:00, he passed out on Michael's bed watching TV with Michael. Papaw Chuck went and got him a new race car and a pack of flash cards. He had brought a big car to play with, and he has just a few toys here, but he always wants to play with Papaw's big race car. It's still in the original package and it's not coming out of the package.
All in all, it was a pretty good day.
Everybody take care. I'll try to do another post tonight when I get home from work. Ugh! There's that four-letter word again!
Talk to you later



Old Lady Lincoln said...

Good afternoon, we just had one terrific thunderstorm. Daughter on the other side of our small town is without electric and her neighbor is without electric and phone. Thank goodness we have both, but we have our phone through Time Warner along with our cable and internet service. Looks like another storm is on it's way, you probably already had it. Isn't it nice to spend a day with a grandchild and then be able to send them home so we can recuperate. LOL

Abraham Lincoln said...

Interesting about hitting the lottery to buy a big place and start a wildlife habitat.

I got a small city lot, about 80 feet wide and it is a registered national wildlife habitat. It took about twenty years to do enough to get is registered but now it does it all by itself. I just walk around now and pollinate the things the missing honey bees used to pollinate.

So you can do it on a postage stamp.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Geez have I missed this many posts ... I am a dreadful blogging buddy. Your grand baby is gorgeous, bet you were ready to hand him bacj=k tho LOL. Tell Michael he is not to bad himself LOL. That ought to embarass him like it would every teenager!!!!