Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yard Safari

Good evening. Today was absolutely beautiful! It got into the 70's and a nice breeze. Chuck drives tractor-trailor for a living. He has a dedicated run, which means he always has the same trip. He drives at night and goes from Montpelier to Detroit. Sunday through Thursday nights. On Tuesday night, however, he doesn't have to go out because the company he picks up from in Montpelier is slow in orders, so he gets that night off. Today, he was so bored, not only did he mow our small yard, but then he went and got our neighbor's riding mower and mowed the empty lot next to us. Our neighbor is the one who usually mows it for the people on the other side of the lot, but he has been working a lot of overtime and simply doesn't have time to do it.

While he was doing that, I decided that I was going on safari. Didn't leave the yard. Just the local birds and squirrels and flowers.
You've heard of a wolf in sheep's clothing? Well I have a pig in squirrel's clothing. These guys seem to never stop eating! Hey, save some for the others! You'd think they were starving to death the way they take the food and run!
Last, but not least, I had the pleasant surprise of a close encounter. No, not aliens, a squirrel. I had gone out on the patio to take a picture of one of the squirrels sitting on top of the peanut feeder. The next thing I know, here comes another squirrel, very cautiously across the patio. He was only a couple of feet from me. How cool is that? He went very slowly all the way across, stopped under the patio table for a few seconds. I was afraid if I bent over to see where he was that I would scare him. He came on out, looked at me, went on across the patio, then high-tailed it to the nearest tree. I loved it!
I'm still trying to figure out how to coordinate the text with the pictures, so please bear with me.
Abraham, thanks for the words of encouragement. I love your blogs.
Everybody take care and hopefully will see you again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

A real pleasure to read this blog and to look at the photographs of squirrels that look like they just crawling out of the coal chute.

A new way for me
Better Blog Writing

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I am still sulking, I waited how many hours for those little devils to even appear yesterday and now you have them crawling all over you to get photographed LOL.