Monday, June 30, 2008

Windy Day

I tried to write a post last night, however, my internet decided to get disconnected somehow. Not sure what happened. I was too tired to try to go through shutting down and restarting, so I just shut down and went out to the living room and fell asleep watching TV with Chuck. Don't ask me what was on, because I have no clue. LOL
Chuck cut the grass yesterday, then when he finished, he went and helped Rick finish the empty lot next to us. It's a huge lot, belonging to the people that live on the other side of it. They allow us to use it, as long as nothing gets torn up. We don't really do anything to it. My squirrel feeder is on one of their trees and I put squirrel corn in a hollow stump for them to eat. Another neighbor, however, has a bad and irresponsible habit of waiting till the ground is really wet, then he runs his four-wheeler through it and tears up the grass and puts huge ruts in the ground. If the owner says anything to him, he tells her off, as if he has the right to destroy other people's property if he wants. Can you say "White Trash"! I hate people like that.
I found another dead sparrow under the pine tree yesterday. I found him about 3:30 in the afternoon. I have been going out there every so often looking for dead birds. I really hate no knowing what it is. Whatever it is, it is making a meal of the brain. (Sorry so graphic). None yet today, but haven't had a lot of birds as I need to fill the feeder. Only seed on the ground.
Chuck started his month of daytime runs today. For this, he goes back and forth to Cleveland. Only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday until production picks up. He sometimes gets local runs on the days he doesn't do his regular run. Usually to Muncie or somewhere local. Muncie is about 15 miles or so from here.
Gonna go for now. I will try to post again tonight, as this is technically Sunday night's post! lol
Everybody have a good day and hopefully I will see you tonight.
Reader Wil and Carla, thank you for your visits this morning.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your photography as I usually do. The one pink flower is really nice but I can't picture its name.

I have been thinking why people choose to shoot pictures from here and not from over there.

And what do they think about before and while they press the shutter.

Odd things to think about but it is akin to what do barking dogs sound like in different nations.

Thanks for your visit to my blog and for the comment there. I do my best to repay visits with visits and comments with comments.

I also like the little raccoon as your header.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville, Ohio

Fugazi said...

I just had to stop by to see if you had found out about the dead birds - and see if you had some new pictures. Nice flowershots... and i have to ask - the birds - do they have access to raw rice, you know - not boiled....because this can kill them. Have a beautiful day, greetings from Norway.

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hello Fugazi. The dead bird count is now up to 8. I went up to the agriculture office and spoke to one of the ladies there. She said she wasn't sure, but considering the circumstances, she believes it could very well be a weasel. She call Purdue University while I was there and left a message on their voice mail(wildlife specialists), they tried to call me back but I was at work so I will have to call them tomorrow. No access to rice. Something is getting them because their heads are gone. If it were rice, their bellies would swell and burst. Thanks for the suggestion, though. And thank you for the visit. I have tried, yesterday and Saturday to leave comments on your blog, but it won't allow me. So let me say, I love your pictures as well as your choice of poetry.

raccoonlover1963 said...

Abe, sorry to leave you hanging so long. I read and published your comment earlier this afternoon, but had to run out the door to go to work. The pink flower is a Geranium. My son, Ryan, gave it to me for mother's day.
Thanks for the visits and the kind words.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Nice flowers Lisa, the wild flowers are starting to bloom so I am sure you will be able to find a lot along that stretch where the old railway track is, also the long grasses are seeding, they are great to photograph with back lighting more or less so they look like they are glowing. You can try getting a shot like this with the sun to your one side not necesssarily straight in front of you to avoid lens flare. Hmmm come to think of it, maybe I must try a few of those too.