Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good evening everybody.
Last night was so nice outside. Just a little on the chilly side, but that's the kind of weather I like. I hate the heat! lol I sat out on the patio for a while just watching the sky. I was hoping to see a shooting star or two, but saw nothing but a couple of planes flying over and a sattelite making it's orbit around the earth. I could see the moon shining pretty brightly through the neighbor's trees. I came inside and grabbed the camera and took a couple of shots. I prefer the moon pics with tree leaves or limbs or even slightly behind some clouds. I have taken several moon pics since my cousin gave me her camera. You can actually tell what it is in the picture, unlike my camera, all you see is a blurry white light. This was really the only one I liked from last night. I have better ones from previous nights that I will post on another day.
My favorite thing to do with photography is to take pics of structures, preferably old structures, then manipulate them. These bridge pictures were taken with my Kodak EasyShare CW330. It does well with structures, but not much else, I'm afraid. This old steel bridge is South of us in Delaware County, a little town called Granville. I don't know the name of the bridge, but it spans the Mississinewa River. I love the old steel and covered bridges. There just aren't enough of them left any more. Here is the original picture, then a "colored pencil" manipulation done on Photoshop, then a "coloring book" manipulation. The second "coloring book" manipulation, the one with reddish tint to it was actually a malfunction of my printer, but I actually like it better than the plain black and white one.
I also like to photograph old barns, especially the delapidated ones or the abandoned ones. They make great shots.
I had to go to work this evening after having 3 straight days off. I hate going back in after all that time off. I get so used to not working that I don't want to go in. I am a part-time cashier at the local Save A Lot store. Short hours and short pay! lol I guess that's appropriate for a short person!
Everybody have a good evening and I will see you here tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

A long time ago when I was still running my design business from my office, I used to do 300 minus a month for a local restaurant. These were children's menus and could be colored with crayons they supplied. And in those days I made $350.00 a month to print them and deliver them. I made some money doing that and I had to use Corel Draw to take the images and convert them into something the kids could draw on.

Your photos reminded me of that.

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Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I like that moon shot a lot Lisa, simple but atmospheric at the same time.

Have had a hectic day, still have to feed horses their grain and it is already 20 after 8.

If I am not online later forgive me, I hope things start slowing down.