Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My First Blog

Hello. My name is Lisa. Please forgive me as this is my first blog and I am really not sure what to say. My friend Lori talked me into starting a blog, so here goes. It's almost midnight, and if I had any sense, I'd be in bed. That's probably why I am still up. No sense! lol I'm almost as nervous doing this as I would be getting up in front of a room full of people to speak! Aggghhhhh! Okay, I feel better now.My friend Lori was over this afternoon, basically to relax and get some pics of the squirrels and birds and whatever other animal might cooperate. These are just a slight few that I took today while she was here. The juvenile dove was my favorite subject of the day. He was the only one that would hold still long enough. He was just adorable. He stayed around for most of the evening. I'm not really sure how to set my page up properly. I know this is not how they look when published.
Lori, please let me know what all I've done wrong! lol
I guess this is it for today.
Everybody take care


Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Woohoo you go girl!!! I will run through all the settings so that you can get e-mail notifications etc, but it looks like you already have that covereed with comment moderation and the word verification. I would suggest just using the comment moderation and if you find the spammers start getting thro put the word verification on too. Just be careful not to click on the links from these spammers. Basically if the comment is vague and doesnt really have anyting to do with what you have posted, be suspiscious LOL.

I am also like you and have a crowd complex but I think you will find this fun, and if you visit other blogs you will soon build up a regular readership who will come and visit. It can be addictive tho.

Talk later, I have a VERY busy day today so will be in and out and hopefully we will catch one another online sometime during the day (((Hugs)))


Anonymous said...

Lori Schmidt is the horse lady and I have visited her blog for a long time. She is nice to me and I try to be nice to her. LOL (Laughing out loud).

I like what you have done so far. I also like your photography. I am into two blogs. One is called Brookville Daily Photo and is the largest and most popular. The other is My Birds Blog and while it shows birds I take photos of in my backyard that limits it to birds and to people who are only interested in birds. So my best results are with the brookville blog where I post almost anything.

Right now or the past couple of days I have been posting how I took a straight path and made a curved path out of it and then had to plant some plants. That will all be on the Brookville blog on Thursday morning. Right now is a picture of how my shop looks with the old straight pathway.

You can scroll through the posts that are there and then click on older posts to see others. You might find anything.

I will be sure and return here to keep encouraging you and I know Lori will too. And, yes, that is my real name and I am related to President Lincoln. I am an old man and will be 74 in October. Have been married to my wife, Patty for 53 years come July 12th.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville, Ohio