Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bad News

Good morning. The crickets are chirping like crazy again. I went out to my mother's for a short bit this afternoon. Didn't stay long because she had a doctor appointment in Muncie at 3:30 to go over the results of Sunday's pet scan. They found the origin of the cancer. It started in the esophogus(spelling?) and stomach. This time they didn't even discuss treatment plans. Not really sure why. My Aunt Pat called me this evening and told me. She went to the appointment as well. My mother has been on Morphine and several other meds which is making her very loopy. When she talks, you can't understand a word she says. She can't move around without assistance. Today, while I was there, she was sitting at the kitchen table. Her bra was laying there. She kept trying to wrap it around a small stack of mail, and she had earlier tried to wrap it around her water glass. With these meds, she has no idea what she is doing. The doctor took her off the Morphine, so hopefully, she'll snap out of it.
On my way home, just after I turned the first corner, there was a big white animal dead in the road. When I got close enough, I saw that it was a rabbit. I stopped the truck, got out and picked the bunny up and moved it to the grassy area on the side of the road. As I was getting back in the truck, a car pulled up beside me. The old guy driving said, "that was a very, very sweet thing you just did." I told him that I knew the rabbit was already dead, but I couldn't stand the thought of somebody else running over it. It turns out, it was the old guy's rabbit. He has had several killed on the road this summer. Not sure why he doesn't keep them in a pen. After a couple of miles, I started taking pictures of an old house and old barn. The same barn that I posted toward the beginning of my blogging, with the different manipulations. When I got out of the truck to take the picture, I heard a screech and looked up and saw a hawk taking off from the tree it had been perched in. I hurried up and changed lenses on the camera, and the pic above is what I got. Not sure, but I think it's a Red-tail hawk. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
I later went uptown and took a few shots of some of the old buildings. The building above was built in 1896. It is not occupied now, except for a small store-front on the left corner, just a realty company. Supposedly, the rest of the building is no longer safe. I was told that is used to be Montgomery Ward, and it had 3 floors to it. I remember it as Val discount store. Which later moved out next to Marsh, became TGY and is now Alco and Save A Lot.
This is the old Hartford Hotel. You probably saw a picture of it on Lori's blog a couple months or so ago. Only the first floor is used now. The front is used by the county, and the back is a florist.
This picture is a close up of the second story window toward the front of the building. If you go back up to the other picture, it is the window on the far right, with white across the bottom. If you look at this pic closely on the right side, you can see one of the old chandeliers still hanging.
This is the smallest Praying Mantis I have seen yet. He is only about an inch long. He was just chillin' out on a pine cone in the tree in our next-door neighbor's yard.And last, but certainly not least, I finally accomplished getting a shot of a hummingbird. I took it out my kitchen window. The feeder is hanging from the soffets of my roof about a foot away from the window. I removed the screen so I could have a good shot, when I actually got a shot.
Gonna head to bed now. Please keep praying for my mother. She needs it now, more than ever!
See ya tomorrow.
Love Ya


Anonymous said...

Well to answer your question. I can't tell if it is a Downy or a Hairy as I can't see enough of its face but it looks more like the Downy.

You didn't tell us the age of your mother but it isn't important. I will say a prayer for her. She sounds like she has her hands full at the moment.

I liked your photos of the red-tailed hawk. It does have a red tail in your picture. And your hummingbird is nice too. I take a lot of photos through the glass as it is easier for me to do that than to try and get outside, especially in the dead of winter. Your old brick buildings are much neater and cleaner and look better than the ones around here.

All of our brick buildings that were three stories have already actually fallen down and had to be torn down. Walls fell out of them and the rest had to be torn down. So our tallest buiulding is not a two story old bank building.

You made a very nice post.

fishing guy said...

Lisa: A great set of photos you have today. I can't even pick a favorite. I do hope you mother will turn the bend to health again.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Lisa I am so sorry tohear this news, but am glad they took her off the Morphine. I nearly lost my husband thanks to that and the thousand other drugs they were pumping into him last year which nearly killed him (he went very loopy and they thought that he might have some brain stem damage). Fortunately we caught it in time, it was a very distressing experience. My prayers and thoughts are still coming for her, I have been this route (lost my mom at age 42 nearly 23 years ago)so I know it is not going to be an easy one. ((((Hugs))))))

I am really enjoying seeing your pictures and photography evolving, great shot of the Mantis and very cool that you managed to get the hawk, they move so quickly.

The buildings pics are great too. I wish I had got some shots of the ones they have pulled down already on the west side of the square. I also applaud you on seeing that detail of the chandelairs, I have never noticed that!!!!

When I first started blogging, one of my regular readers and blog buddies was living in England but has since returned to the USA, and she used to have a mantra "look up", you will be amazed at what you will find when you look up and zoom in or out, patterns and shapes.

Keep your chin up girl, talk to you later.


Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Oh oh oh my gosh can't believe I forgot .... CONGRATS on the hummer, I knew you would finally get one, patience pays LOL.

raccoonlover1963 said...

Lori, believe it or not, I didn't even have the camera in the kitchen with me at the time. I was fixing a sandwich and saw him, so I ran in a grabbed the camera. Of course, by time I got back to the kitchen, he was gone, but came right back. I got lucky!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Lisa - my thoughts are with you and i hope for good news soon on your mother.

The hummingbird shot is fantastic by the way

Lib said...

Hi Lisa,
So sorry to hear about your Mom, hope thigs are better with her soon!
So sweet of you to move the rabbit.
Love the photos.
Hope you're doing o.k. from the bad Dr. news about your Mom!

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Oh Lisa...some great pictures here!! We are still praying not only for your mom, but you and other family members, as well.

I know it's not easy...knowing someone so close to us is so sick. I lost my sister, Gail, to cancer in 2000. She was 47 years old ~ 3 years younger than me.

Rest in the Lord's arms ~ HE has everything in control.


Laubaine said...

you're very fortunate to be surrounded by such a nature

Katie said...

Lisa I send all my good thoughts to your mom and your family at this stressful time. Hang in there and know there are many people thinking of you. Thanks too for all your lovely and diverse photos!

Lydia said...

In 2000 I went through similar times as you are having now with your mother. So I understand and will keep you both in my prayers. What I didn't have available to me, and that now you do, is blogging. I think you are doing such a beautiful job with your blog, in general, but also as a way to stream your thoughts and photos to others. It's good therapy for you and many of your photos are good therapy for me!