Monday, August 11, 2008

Gorgeous Weather For A Horse Show

Hello everybody. Sorry I was away so long. I would have posted last night, but i was simply too exhausted! I don't do mornings, and I had to get up at 6:00 Saturday and Sunday to be ready for Lori to pick me up at 7:00 to go to the horse show. The weather couldn't have been better. Saturday was a bit warmer, maybe up to 80. But Sunday was perfect! It only got up to about 70 degrees. To me, that is a perfect summer day. There was a nice breeze and some people were wearing jackets. It was a bit chilly when we first got there on Sunday. Lori said she wished she had remembered her jacket. There was a lake across the road from the horse park, so when things started winding down on Sunday, I took a walk over there to get shots of the water fowl. The shot above is a Canadian goose. I know, I'm supposed to have pictures of the horses. Lori has most of my horse pics on her computer. She is putting them on a disc and bringing them to me. I simply don't have enough memory on my computer to hold all those pics, and for some reason, I can't burn my existing pics onto a disc. My computer just won't let me.
These two pics are Lori's horse, Dream. He was in the show, but Lori did not show him. The trainer named Drew is the one who was showing him. These two pics were taken after everybody had started packing up at the end of the show. Lori went back to the stall to take him out for a ride. I can't post any pics of her riding him without her permission. So when she comes over later to give me the photo disc, I will see if she will let me post it on another day.

Now, you remember while reading my profile, I said I did not age well since the Glamour Shots picture was taken? Here's the proof! LOL This is me with Dream when we were getting ready to leave. See, I wasn't lying! :)
Back to the lake pics. A couple of Canadian geese coming in for a landing. The lake was full of birds. Geese, white ducks, mallard ducks. Grey geese. Not sure what they are called. I have only seen them previously on farms.
This sunrise was on the way to the show on Saturday. There was a blanket of fog over the fields that morning. Sorry it's not a really clear shot.
Another Canadian goose.
A female Mallard duck.
A male Mallard. I had just woken him up, poor thing!
I was able to get this guy flapping in the water. I kept seeing them all doing this, but I kept missing the shots, until this guy.
That's it for now. I promise next post will have horses on it.
Fugazi is going to see if she can "fix" the picture of me so I don't look like the old hag that I am! LOL.
Love Ya


Fugazi said...

I loooove the shots of the birds - they are great, and the horse shots too and dont put yourself down like that - you look fine:))
And when it comes to me fixing photos... don't expect magic - i will try:))

Reader Wil said...

Hi Lisa, beautiful photos! At last I am able to get to your blog. My daughter's computer is so slow that it takes a long time to do something on it. I finally read your comment of th 19th July. Thanks so much for the award! I feel honoured! I am still in Australia and will be home in Holland by the end of this month. I think you are a great photographer and I enjoy reading your blog especially the parts about animals. There are a lot of interesting animals here in Oz too, but I haven't seen any snakes around here yet. Well who knows!! May be these last 12 days in Australia will come up with a surprise in that area. In the meantime "Take care".

Reader Wil said...

Hi Lisa, you've got a beautiful set of photos! At last I have been able to get to the internet. We are with 8 people here in the house and all of us computering. I am so sorry I couldn't answer your comment of 19th July. Thank you so much for your award! I feel honoured. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing those wonderful pictures of all the animals you encounter. I hope to see you in two weeks again! I will be back in Holland by the end of August and then use my own much faster computer.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Fugazi Lisa showed me the pic you did for her when I finally got over to her this evening to give her the disc, it is stunning.

Lisa you know you dont need permission from me, as long as you dont make me look too bad LOL (like that one arena shot you have of me!! Although that could be quite a laugh LOL)

I love the water fowl shots and the portrait of Dream and the one of him standing in the arena when Drew was lunging him before we rode him.

Once again Lisa was a life saver for me this weekend, it takes so much pressure off of me knowing that if I am tied up with something that there is someone else there who can cover some of the shots I miss and get all of the files downloaded and contact sheets printed and have them done properly. We will have her riding one day soon I promise and I will be here to document that on camera!

Laubaine said...

very beautiful pictures, I really like the fifth or both geese are currently fly ....

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

It's a shame that you don't live in the UK - because you would definately win the Countryfile photographic competition (this year - Animals In Action). Do you sell your photos anywhere? They really are very good quality

André Lemay said...

These are great pictures. I especially like tohose of the birds, nice capture.

flydragon said...

Great pictures once again. As for aging well, I think we all get better looking as we get older, more personality shows through, more character in our faces. I am now old enough to be gorgeous, lol.

Lib said...

Hi Lisa,
You look beautiful to me!
Love the photos!
Have a great wk.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Good morning Lisa, as usual more nice photo. Love the horses. Yes if your weather was like ours, you had a beautiful week-end for the horse show.

Now for your photo. I think it is lovely, you've aged very well. But I know what you mean, I hate photos of myself and you would think after all these years I would be use to how I look. LOL

Hope your Mother is doing well.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Beautiful horse Lisa and so are you. I love the photo of the geese coming in for a landing. Thanks so much for the tip on the asparagus. I like to rinse them under water and leaving them with a little water on them, sprinkle with a generous amount of lemon paper, wrap tightly in aluminum foil and bake at 350. Doesn't take but a short while for them to steam. yumm....

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Love the Horses!!

Your mom's been added to the Prayer List...please keep us updated.


Abraham Lincoln said...

I will have to say the horse photos are lovely and so are the geese. As for aging, well, you look great compared to me.

fishing guy said...

Lisa: I love the horse photos but that sunrise is outstanding. I've never seen that before.

Tomate Farcie said...

Good morning! I came from Abraham Lincoln's blog to see the raccoon, and then I saw you had horses and ducks too and so ... "Dream" is a gorgeous horse! Just beautiful. I love the close up shot of his face, especially.

Lydia said...

Hi Lisa,
I'm catching up on your last week's posts. You know, your nature shots are just beautiful - and since you are a part of nature you are beautiful too!

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