Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stormy Day

Good morning. As usual, I am up way later than I should be. I have been playing around with different pictures. These were all taken on July 25, 2008. Lori and I were on our way to the horse show. Of course, the Downey Woodpecker wasn't along side of the road. I took that pic in my yard that morning. This wall mural is in Markle, Indiana, on State Road 3.
I was playing around as we were driving. Most of the pictures that I took were the sunbeams! Different angles and directions. This one was actually just a pale blue, but I enhanced it on Photoshop. Gotta love that program!
These were just a couple of barns along the way.
I went out and picked Pinto beans from my garden and cooked them for dinner tonight. So much better that store bought, weather canned or dried. I finally figured out when to tell the black-eyed peas are ready for picking. There were only a couple of pods actually ready. They have to turn kinda brown, but not dried out. I picked a browned one and a green one and opened both. The green pods definately aren't ready yet. Now I know! Once my tomatoes ripen, I'm gonna have plenty to can, both whole and juice. I just hope the bugs don't get to them too bad.
I got a different lens for my camera today. I bought it at a pawn shop, but I haven't tried it out yet. It's a wide angle lens and I guess it's capable of doing panoramic, but not sure. I will have to go out and play with it tomorrow.
Grandpa said that he was out at my mom's house today. He said that she could barely walk and her speech was really slurred. I don't know if that is because of medication or what. I am going to go out there tomorrow to see her.
The crickets are chirping like crazy outside right now. I love having the windows open at night and listening to them. It is so relaxing to me. Unfortunately, the air conditioner is on, so the windows are closed. But as long as the AC isn't running, I can still hear them fairly well. Puts me right to sleep! Speaking of which, I am going to end this for tonight and go to bed. Everybody have a wonderful day!
Love Ya


Hendrawan said...

that birds are really at your home.. nice, I hope do so..

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Again - i love the sun coming through the clouds shot, but wonder if you can really claim copyright for a picture of someone else's painting??

You have a real eye for an image - is this professional training or just bloody annoying natural talent?!!

Spider63 said...

Wow, those are some great photos! I have been wanting to put up one of those bird feeders for a while. I even bought one but good 'ol Mom says the birds will shit all over the yard. What a light of inspiration!

Great photo of the mural! Here in Miami it would be full of gang slogans.

Best wishes!


raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Pixie. No, I have never had any training in photography. Couldn't afford to take the classes in high school. I just like playing around with cameras and I'm trying to go professional. I still have a long way to go, though!

raccoonlover1963 said...

Spider, I know how it is with the gang slogans. I lived in Orlando for 19 years. I visited Miami one time, and sorry to say, that was more than enough! I hate large cities. Too much crime and traffic! I'll stick with my small town. Granted, there is still grafitti around here, but very limited. Mostly to abandoned buildings. Nothing that is occupied.

Jeanette said...

Hi Lisa.. nice photo's I like the one with the sun rays through the clouds...Someones gone to a lot of trouble to paint the chook on the roof of the round Barn..

Lib said...

HI Lisa,
Love the photos, you do a WOnderful job!:o)
Praying you Mom will soon be well!
Hope you have agood visit with her.
Hope you have a wonderful day!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

I think you're joshing, the woodpecker photo was taken from our backyard. LOL

Another nice set of photos. We have two tomato plants and that's enough for us. I don't want to do any canning or anything else with them.

Enjoy your day. Hope your Mom is ok.

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Patty. No, sorry, the woodpecker was in my yard. I wouldn't even know how to get to Brookville! LOL

kjpweb said...

Gotta love them rays! :)! Good luck with your lens!
Cheers, Klaus

fishing guy said...

Lisa: I really liked your sunbeam photo, I think it came out really well. Hope you feel better soon.

Laubaine said...

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