Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Horse Show Pics

These are just a very few of the pics I took at the horse show.
There were several entries.
The ponies were my favorite.
They were just soooo cute.
I had to crop a lot of these pics because the handlers' faces were visible. I don't have permission to post their pics.
I know this was short, but there is still a lot of editing to do before I can post more. Next post, I promise! I've been on the computer all day. Half the time it has been uncooperative! The weather here has been great. Yet another day without air conditioning, and that's the way I prefer it. It is currently 81 degrees, but the humidity is very low, so it doesn't seem that warm. Gonna get off here for now. My juvenile delinquent(Michael) is driving me batty wanting to get on the computer so he can play his Runescape! Whatever!
See you all later.
Love Ya


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Great looking horses and ponies. I especially like the second photo. Have a great evening.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Nice variety of shots Lisa. Cant' say much moe because I was there LOL.

Prayers for your Mom (((Hugs)))

My Arts Desire said...

First time visitor to your blog. I came by way of Lynn at The Vintage Nest's blog after reading your comment on preparing asparagus. It sounds wonderful and I'll be sure to try it as my family loves asparagus. So I came by to say thank you!

But I went peeking through your blog. Your photos of the horses are simply breathtaking. What elegant, beautiful animals. I am always in awe of their beauty. And speaking of beauty, I diagree that you haven't aged well. Us silly girls are often times way too hard on ourselves!!

Thanks again for a lovely visit,

Katie said...

Hi Lisa! What beautiful horses! Must have been fun to be at the show. I think the top photo is the horse I'd like!

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi ladies! Yes, Katie, the horse show was fun, although, there were times that it got kind of boring. My favorite was the beginning of the second day. The had the ponies in the indoor arena doing jumps. They are so cute, you just want to play with them like a puppy! I must get more of the pics edited so I can get them posted. The ones of the ponies jumping turned out pretty good, and I should be able to edit okay as they were on leads as opposed to being ridden. So the handlers should be far enough out of the picture.
Sue, thank you for stopping by and for the sweet words about my previous post! I hope you enjoy the asparagus! Strangely enough, that is the only way I will eat asparagus. I think it's disgusting out of a can! My dad and I used to go out driving in the country and pick wild asparagus along the side of the roads.

Lisa Allender said...

WOW! Your horses are so lovely!
I found you through Don't Feed The Pixies(you're listed in her blog-roll), I found her through Writerquake, who I found through, uh, Poet With A Day Job, or Selma In The City or someone else...
I happen to have been born in Indiana, so it tickled me to see from where you are writing!
Peace, lady.

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the update on your mom and the link to the song. I have heard it before :-)

Myrna will stay on our Prayer List.


fishing guy said...

Lisa: Very nicely captured, I like the ponies best also.

Steven said...

Lisa, very, very beautiful picture. It's fantastic how much love in you is what you are doing. I wish you all the best in this long hot summer

steven (evening bell)

Laubaine said...

I like very much the dress of the first one he has a wild attitude...

Hendrawan said...

I like The Horse with poni and brown..