Sunday, August 17, 2008

Did I Mention That I Like Raccoons?

Good morning! I took these shots of the two adorable babies Friday night. Michael and I went through the same process as what we did to get Taffy's picture. Michael creaked open the door while I focused on the babies. Amazingly enough, they saw us and just kept on eating. The door was almost all the way open with me standing in it. They looked and kept to what they were doing. For that, they got a treat of marshmallows. Michael accidentally bonked one of them on the head with a marshmallow, then it bounced into the food dish. She grabbed it, the other baby grabbed another one that I threw out, then they were on their way.
I love watching these cuties!
You can see how dirty the water is from them washing their hands all the time. You can see in all three pics that the one has a hand in the water.
Another shot of our neighborhood vulture. They fly low because they roost in our neighbor's trees.
This is one of my mom's peacocks. Not sure which one, as Peapot has shed all his tail feathers till next year. The other two haven't had the long tail feathers yet. They are not old enough yet.
This butterfly was on the garage wall Friday morning while I was sitting in the computer room. Don't know what kind it is though.
On my way out to my mother's Friday, I got this shot shortly after I had crossed the RR tracks. I saw that there was a train coming, so I pulled into AgBest to take the pictures. Not really what I had hoped for. This is in coloring book format without removing the final bit of color.
These were at mom's Saturday. I saw the butterfly as soon as I pulled up to the house. Surprisingly, it held still for about half dozen shots. These are the best of the group.

I would like to thank everybody for your well wishes and prayers for my mother. She has been feeling better. She goes in Tuesday to find out if they think treatment will do any good. She has gained weight. I think a lot of it is fluid from IV's, but she went from 95 to 110 since her hospital stay 3 weeks ago. I'm dealing with it okay, so far. I think I quit my job at the right time. I can spend more time with her. Please continue to pray for her. Gonna get off here now. Chuck has to head out in the morning. They are giving him a new run. They are consolidating the Detroit and Cleveland runs into one. Chuck is now going to be going to Johnson City, TN. I will do my best to post again tomorrow. I apologize that I have been so slack in posting as well as commenting on your blogs. Please don't hate me! :) Have a great rest of the weekend.
Love Ya


Lib said...

HI Lisa,
Love the photo's.
Still praying for your Mom .
Johnson City is 1-1/2 hrs. from us ,its Beautiful country up that way!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

My thoughts are with you, your Mother and the rest of the family. Hope all goes well and she can received some help. Cancer is so cruel.

Love your raccoons, we had a family in our backyard last summer, they would even come out in the daytime. She had four babies, then one nosey neighbor complained about calling someone to trap them, we found out, if they got trapped, they didn't relocate them, they would put them to sleep. So Abe and I packed up and left for about three days, let no food or water out, if they ever came back we never saw them again. But a friend that lives about four blocks away said her neighbor had a family of coons eating her outside dog's food from his dish. We're hoping it was them and they were still all alive.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Cool photos Lisa! Those Racoons sure are cute, it is a pity that they are harmful to horses and pretty destructive when they get into the feed store LOL. The last one I trapped and released a few miles down the road. Next time I will bring it to you LOL.

Lovely butterflies, great vulture and i like the train.

Talk later

André Lemay said...

Great photos, I enjoyed your butterflies, they have great colors. I like racoons too, about 100 km in the woods.

fishing guy said...

Lisa: What a great set of photos. Nature has been good to you.

I sure hope your Mom gets through these problems.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Fantastic photos as usual - you are very lucky to see such fantastic sights. You should seriously consider selling some of these if you don't already.

Merle said...

Dear Lisa ~~ Great photos - the raccoons so cute and the butterfly
ones so pretty. Love your Mother's Peacock. Would love to see a photo when his tail feathers grow back. I hope your Mother is doing well, I see
that she has cancer. I will keep her in my prayers.
Thanks for your comments and sorry about the mix up of my blog, but you seem to have it sorted now, It is nice to see you again. Take care,Love, Merle.

Naturegirl said...

Lisa I love these photos! God bless you for allowing the racoons to feed in your yard! Here they do come every night but I don't encourage them as we have had problems in our neighborhood with racoons. Many people are NOT kind to them so I try NOT to encourage them but they do come by and feed under my bird feeders and love my pond.
While I'm away I'm sure they will continue to come by so take care of them for me when you stop by. :)
I'll keep your mom in my prayers..may she feel better soon!
Au revoir NG

Isadora said...

Hi Lisa - what a collection of colorful, whimsical critters. :)

Sorry about your Mom and pray for her comfort and yours. My brother and I had to place our Mother in a home as advanced dementia was compounded by crippling arthritis.

Thank you for visiting and more so for the effort of placing my blog among your favorites. Wine is an acquired taste. If you love food and flavors, you can begin from the scientific approach of how fruit converts and how those berries end up with different flavored juices that turn into noble libations.

Sometimes it is an assumption we have associated with 'wine' -> bar -> smoke -> drunkenness. I grew up in Europe and wine with meals was always present at our table but I've no recollection of ever seeing anyone drunk - however, everyone knew their wine and what is enjoyable with what food.

Take care and don't fret over the start of the school year. I'm sitting this one out in the country although I'll be teaching English to private students if there is a need.

Nancy said...

I LOVE the raccoon pics!!! They wash their paws all the time! Too bad my kids couldn't have seen thes pics years ago when they didn't want to wash their hands! LOL Great pics!!!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Rick said...

Just happened upon your blog - really enjoy the pics. The train photo/artwork is interesting. It looked like something you drew. Who needs artist when you have a computer?

Thanks for sharing.

tank1961 said...

Great pics and great music also !
Keep up the good work. Hang tuff with your mom.

Later Tank