Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Finally Friday!

You couldn't tell by the weather, but autumn is on it's way. These pine cones are starting to turn now. They have a lot of sap all over them. Not really sure what that is for. Just a couple of weeks ago, these pine cones were still green, as you saw with my pic of the baby praying mantis. This pic is actually the exact same pine cones that the mantis was on.
I was out Tuesday evening trying to get more pics of the Sharp-shinned Hawk, but when I did get a glimpse of him, he was too far away. So I wandered over to a walnut tree that is on the Maddox's fence line. I saw two of these nests side by side. Thought it might be something other than a spider making the webs.
Until I saw this little guy adding to the webs. Apparently this is his winter house.
I can't let a post go by without putting one of my raccoons int here, if I have a picture. They are starting to get used to me standing in the doorway taking their pictures. This one, shortly after I took the picture, decided (s)he would use the food dish as leverage. Wrong thing to do! The dish flipped over off the step, onto the raccoon. It wasn't really sure what to do for a moment, then started eating what had landed on the patio below. This one is not Taffy. Taffy's tail is very thin, not fluffy. This one and the one that was with it both had bushy tails. Maybe Taffy's babies, but I'm not sure. I know I have at least three raccoons that visit me. Taffy and two that have the bushy tails. Don't know yet if they are male or female.
I got this shot of the woodpecker yesterday afternoon while I was fixing dinner. I'm not sure if it's a Downey or not. I know that there is another that looks similar, but I don't know the difference. I had the camera on the counter set for a hummer, which I never saw. There was a Black-capped Chickadee out there at the same time, but too briefly and hidden at the wrong end of the feeder. I would like to get a shot of a Chickadee, as I haven't gotten one yet. Soon enough, I suppose.
I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to let my recipients of the award know it was here for them yesterday. As soon as I posted, my mother called needing me to pick her up from her luncheon up town. Her classmates get together on the third Thursday of the month and have lunch at Karen's Kafe. Only the ones living locally, of course. Next month is their 50 year high school reunion.
Gonna get off here for now and clean up Michael's disaster area, better known as his bedroom!
Love Ya


Abraham Lincoln said...

We ended up with mommy and four babies. She was living under my shop at the time. And I was not able to keep five raccoons here where I live. I had complaints from one crazy neighbor, who, drunkenly said, "Raccoons are full of fleas and I don't want fleas in my yard."

I think she mean Rabies maybe. But not fleas. Everything has fleas including her cat.

Anyway, are you prepared for a half dozen raccoons? It might happen.

Pretty pictures though.

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Abe. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I'm prepared for more raccoons. I also have opossums around here, but I can never get a picture of one of them. I don't even care if skunks come around and eat, I just don't want to cross it's path! lol I know there are some around here, smelled them, but never see them. I just wish this was a bigger property to hold more animals!

fishing guy said...

Lisa: Another set of great photos and this shows why you deserved the award.

That isn't a spider web in the tree it is a tent caterpiller web and is very destructive. If you can reach it get it out of there or spray it with an insect killer. They will strip a tree as they continue to build.

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hey Tom. Thanks for the web info. I just assumed that since I saw the spider adding onto the same web, that it was the spider's web. I'll go and spray it. Not sure what to use though.

Lib said...

Hi Lisa,
THanks for the award!I feel honored.
Love the phots ,you always have the Best!
Have a great wk.end!

flydragon said...

Hi Lisa,
I don't know if you noticed but you also have a little critter on the pic of the pine cone. I couldn't tell what kind it is.

That does look like a downy woodpecker. The one that looks almost exactly like it is the Hairy Woodpecker. Hairy is bigger and has a longer beak.

Great photos as always!

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi flydragon. Yes I did notice him, but not until I had transferred the pics to the computer. I didn't see him while I was taking the picture. Something about insects and pictures. They always have to be there!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

The Racoon pics keep getting better and better!! You should have taken a pic of it after it had tipped everything up with a bemused look on it's face LOL.

Looking at that big web again, I am sure there is a spider involved but I think I can see caterpillars in the enclosed one. If they are I might come and take some pics for identification as I mentioned before there is one species that es extremely harmful to horses.

You will build your collection of birds slowly, the oportunities eventually always present themselves, it just takes time (and I have no patience) LOL

Sorry I missed you today, I have been very preoccupied and we started new home health aide AGAIN today which always upsets me, I am tired of having so many strangers in and out of my home, they dont last more than a week or two and then quit. Oh well I suppose I should be grateful.

Let me know your plans tomorrow I want to come over to discuss cameras with you, I cant do it here for obvious reasons LOL.

Hpe your Mom is coping ((((Hugs))))

Susie said...

Hi Lisa,

Your pictures are great! I love that little raccoon. I like your woodpecker too! If you get a chance check out my post for July 11. I have a picture of woody woodpecker. They visit my yard quite often.

André Lemay said...

Great variety on this Friday and all week.I am sorry I miss a few days I should be back regularly on Monday.

Merle said...

Dear Lisa ~~ The pine cones
are telling us of the change of seasons. You will have Fall and we will have Spring. I like the sweet face of your raccoon and your photos are all good. Thank you for your comments, glad you enjoyed Choices
and the jokes. We had a lovely day last Wednesday and Jeanette didn't know that I knew the next day was her birthday so was surprised. Congrats
on your award. Take care, Love, Merle.

Laubaine said...

Toujours de superbe images ...