Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day With Mom

Hello. This raccoon is Taffy. Michael slowly opened the back door a little at at time, so we wouldn't startle her. I was focusing on her while he was opening the door, so as soon as it was open far enough to get the lens through, I snapped the picture. Can you tell she wasn't amused?!
I know, I missed yesterday. I was with my mother most of the day. She had me come out there to her house. I took her to the convenience store where she works. She wanted to see her co-workers and get a sandwich. Then we went to Grandpa's and sat there for a little while. Then I took her to the bank so she could give them her power of attorney, then to the grocery store, then back to her house.

I got this hawk on the way to mom's house. He was sitting on the side of the road at first, so after I got past him, I stopped and backed into a driveway leading into a field. I was going to drive back past him, but while I was in the drive way, another truck drove past and scared the hawk. He flew up onto the utility post right by the driveway. I got out to take a picture, but he flew off and landed on the next post. So, I drove past that post and got this shot. Best one I've gotten of a hawk so far.
This is my step-dad, Lyle. He is standing out beside the corn in his garden. I don't remember what type of corn it is, but he brought the seeds back from Tennessee this past spring.
This is one of their peacocks trying to hide behind the Bachelor Buttons.
This is another shot of a hummer, obviously! They get all kinds of hummers out at their house. At least this one had some color to it, unlike the one I shot at our house. My mother is feeling better, but Lyle said the doctors don't think there is much hope. She has had to go to the doctor every couple of days for an infusion. The cancer is telling the body that it needs more calcium, so they have to do the infusion to flush out the excess calcium. She goes back on Tuesday morning to find out if treatment is going to be possible. Gonna go for now. Have a great rest of the week. Love Ya



Laubaine said...

I discovered the wildlife that surrounds you with pleasure

flydragon said...

Hi Lisa,
What a great shot of Taffy!!! So funny I laughed out loud. I've also tried to get a decent picture of a hawk but no luck so far. Yours is terrific. Fingers crossed for your mom.

Carla Flocken said...

I love all of your pictures! Great shot of Taffy...she's definately not amused. But she is cute! And your hawk chasing is comical...and what a great shot, after all of that!

As for your mom, I will keep her and you in my prayers. I know how hard it is watching someone you love fight that nasty desease. I lost my dad to cancer 9 years ago. The worst part of it all, was watching him struggle with the pain before he died. I hope that your mom will get better soon and all of this fighting will soon be in the past. Hopefully her treetments will fight the fight for her and she'll be back on her feet, visiting those places that you take such wonderful pictures of.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

beautiful photos as usual - the corn shot i like a lot. My thoughts are with your family as ever xx

Abraham Lincoln said...

I don't think I have ever seen corn that high. Wow. I am impressed.

I am also impressed by your hawk photo. And the raccoon photo is neat. She might just have a mouth full of food and hasn't swallowed yet. She is a beauty.

I wondered if you would get over to see the raccoon on my blog and was glad to see you made it.

I also liked your horse photos.

Steven said...

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Steven said...

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Katie said...

Great collection of amazing wildlife Lisa! That raccoon is too funny. He's saying "Hey shut the door!" And I'm blown away by your hawk photo. What a majestic bird. I don't know my corn, but that's the tallest corn I've ever seen! I sure wouldn't want to have to detassle that stuff!

So sorry to hear about your mom. Such a tough situation to deal with. I'm glad she's at least feeling better and that you're there for her. Thank you so much for taking time to post these photos when I know you're dealing with so much.

Lib said...

Hope your Mom gets better!
Love the photos.
Have a great wk.end!

Lisa Allender said...

Hugs & Prayers for your Mom, and her quick healing Lisa, and prayers for strength for your family!
Love the cutie racoon, and the hawk, and that corn! Wow!
Best wishes to ya'll. I provided a LINK to your Blog, at mine:

Nancy said...

Hi Lisa!

First of all....I am praying for your mom. I do hope she can receive the treatments and that they can help her. It's hard to deal with that disease. So nice that you are there for her!

The raccoon pic is a wonderful shot!!! How clever of you to get it that way!!!

And the hawk!!!! He had his eye on you, too!!! Beautiful!!! Glad you got the shot of him after all you went through to get it! LOL

I have never seen corn that high!!! Reminded me of that song from Oklahoma! You got some great photos this time!!!

I just emailed you a cute just steal one's heart!!!

Have a great weekend! Thanks for dropping by with your kind comment.

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Lydia said...

Oh my, Lisa! Isn't Taffy something? And you photo is amazing. All of these are so great. I think that the Audubon Society would definitely be interested in your bird photos. It's wonderful that, at this time of such worry with your mother, you can find peace and lightness of spirit in all that beauty that surrounds you.

André Lemay said...

Very nice set of pictures, you seem to have made that racoon pretty angry, and the hack doesn't seem to be in a better mood. I have never seen corn grow that high. Love the hummingbird, I'm working to take picture of mine but he is too fast.

fishing guy said...

Lisa: I've been fishing so missed this one. There are also some neat shots in this post. I love the humming bird. They have been coming to our hanging baskets of Fuscia but haven't got a shot. That is a Red-Tailed Hawk for sure. I saw two Eagles today but they were too far away but the white head are a sure give-away.