Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sharp-shinned Hawk

I wish I could have captured what this guy was doing out in my yard yesterday morning, but he was too quick for me. Fortunately, he wasn't quick enough to catch breakfast. My squirrrels!
It was really funny to watch this guy flying circles around the tree trunks, through the tree branches and along the ground trying to catch just one squirrel!
He was unsuccessful, at least while I was around.
The funny thing is, while this Sharp-shinned Hawk knew I was in the near vicinity, he would stop chasing the squirrels, even if there was one on the same branch that he was sitting on.
At one point, he was on my patio under my computer-room window. A squirrel was hiding under the tarp that we had covering up the old stereo we keep for outside. As soon as I looked out the window, the hawk took off.
Here's Taffy again. Michael had startled her while she was up on the step eating, and she fell off. Here, she's seeing if the coast is clear to go back to eating! Poor baby!
This is a resurection lilly, or some people call it surprise lilly. Under brightened and over contrasted.
These two rose pictures are the exact same picture.
Done with the same process. Overcontrasted and under brightness.
This is a tree fungus of some kind. It is growing all around a tree stump in an empty lot at the corner of our block. Same process again with the contrast & brightness. Can you tell that I get bored easily?
Mom went to the doctor yesterday and had her entire entourage with her. Lyle, me, Aunt Pat and Aunt Linda. The answer wasn't too good. He told her that if she did not do chemo, her best bet would be 6 months max, possibly less. With chemo it could add about 6 months, only if she responds well to it. She did her first treatment yesterday after her regular appointment. She has gained weight from 94 pounds to 109 pounds since being in the hospital 3 or 4 weeks ago. Her treatments will run 1 a week for 3 weeks, off one week then 3 more. Then they will do another cat-scan to see if she is responding well to it. Today, she said she was a little dizzy and did not get out of her night clothes. She is sitting reading a book.
I'm going to go for now. Everybody take care and please keep mom in your prayers.
Love Ya


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Hope the treatments make some improvement for your
Mother. I know how horrible it is watching them and not being able to do anything. I had to watch my sister at the age of 42, slowly go down hill. I think in this day and age, if that had happened they would have been a lot more aggressive and also they have completely different medicines and treatments now than they did 26 years ago. Have a good evening.

Susie said...

Hi Lisa,

Just came across your blog and enjoyed reading some of your posts. The raccoons are so cute!

Lib said...

Hi Lisa,
Still praying for ya'll, so sorry to hear the news!
Love the photos!
XOXOXOXOX Blessins',Lib

Katie said...

Lisa your Mom continues to be in my thoughts, and you do too. And thank you again for these great photos of the amazing creatures and flowers that you see right outside your door. I feel so disconnected from nature living in a city, so I really like reconnecting via your blog.

Hendrawan said...

nice wild photo, look at the hawk!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Your racoon eats from the same bowl as my cats - how wierd!

Never give up hope - doctors don't have all the answers (though they like to make out they do).

Middle Ditch said...

I just loved those pictures of that hawk. What a rascal and he must have been really hungry. And that racoon, so sweet.

My prayers for your mum.

fishing guy said...

Lisa: Hold tight to your faith during this trying time.

I loved the hawk photos, nice capture.

I have an award for you on my site for being an Amazing Friend, please take a look.

flydragon said...

Morning Lisa,
Your hawk photos are so neat. I can't get anywhere close enough to get a shot of the one flying around my yard, darn. As soon as he sees me with the camera, he flies off. If I don't have the camera he sticks around and watches me. Camera shy?
Thinking of you and your mom.

Elisabeth said...

What wonderful pictures!

I was sad to read about your mom though, and will keep her in my thoughts.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Lisa still keeping your Mom in my prayers, if you need a sounding board you know where I am I have been through this three times unfortunately and it can sometimes feel very lonely. I am glad that your Mom has you to keep her company and spend time with her, that is so important right now, you will have to stay strong, she will need that support.

Love the hawk shots (even if he is trying to eat your little squirrels) and Taffy is too cute.

I am enjoying seeing you growing and experimenting with what you are shooting, that is the best way to learn, by experimenting and every picture responds differently to a certain treatment. Great stuff.

Keep your chin up girl ((((Hugs))))


nikkicrumpet said...

I loved the pretty photos...the racoon is adorable!

Susie said...

Hey Lisa,

I checked out the butterfly photo. I bet that did feel odd having him walk all the way up to your head. Poor little thing, probably had just come out of his cocoon. I looked at some of your other post from June, enjoyed your photos much!

Dan said...


Wonderful pics! Isn't it great to be able to find these sorts of things right outside the door.

Your mom and family are in my prayers.